This is such a magnificent tree, I just had to post it again. I wonder just how old it is.

I am having difficulty in both going to sleep and staying asleep as I kept waking up for whatever reason. That is if you do not count the normal call of Nature as a reason. I managed to lay there until 7:45 am and then crawled out to face the day, ready or not, mostly not… 

There was a light drizzle requiring a jacket when we went out for that first walk. We wandered around saying hello to several other campers, some walking their own dogs, before returning for the usual breakfast and coffee. We have no plans for today and will just see what happens. 

Following breakfast which I shared with the dogs, I sat and drank coffee for that kickstart to the day before settling down in front of the computer. As usual, world news was depressing and what I read about the US was not much different from the day before or even the day before that. The question is, was it always like this or is it that we know so much more about things because of the Internet? Like I said before, depressing. 
I sat and wrote for a while and watched the world go by in my truly little part of the universe and wondered what I should do for the rest of today. One thing for sure, I am not going near Quatro ever again. The sooner Daniel and Malinda take possession, the better, although, the RV will always be in my sight as they plan on living in it and selling their current 5th wheel. 

I turned my attention to the blog and caught up with the posting. Need to make sure that I do not miss posting again not that anyone notices. I had taken several pictures and I worked on them for a while in Photoshop before transferring them to my photo collection for later use. 

I looked around for other things to get up to. I had purchased a new and unbelievably cheap soundbar for the TV as I could not get the other one to work and played around with it for a while. I cannot get this one to work either. Oh well! 

Giving up on the soundbar, I went outside and did some work on the bird feeders. I removed the additional threaded rod that I had attached to one of the poles that I use to hang the Hummer feeders and then re-attached it to the other pole so that I could move it to a shadier area. Someone had suggested to me that I do this as apparently, the Hummers do not like a warm drink which of course warms up in the direct sun. This is Texas after all, and it gets bloody hot in the summer even in the shade… 

A young couple stopped by to admire the garden and then as they talked to each other, they kept looking at me as I was sitting outside at the time. The gentleman introduced himself as did his wife and then enquired if I was the famous blogger. I was momentarily taken aback, and we started chatting. They explained they are here to visit a relative who is staying here at the park and had been following my blog for some time. I took them the inside of The Caboose and as many people do, they made all the appropriate responses as I showed them around. Made my day that someone thought I was famous. 

I went for another walk with the dogs and we just wandered around stopping to talk to anyone who wanted to chat with me, especially if they had dogs of their own. Dogs are a wonderful way to meet people if the dogs get along. One long term couple have a young puppy that is of the large dog variety and has not yet learned to stop jumping. Consequently, I got a bit too close as I was making a fuss of him, and he accidentally jumped and scratched my leg as I turned to leave. We kept walking and I do not think the two owners, who had introduced themselves as Sharon and Larry, did not even notice he had done it and I did not tell them. No big deal. The dog does need some non-jumping training though. Next time, I will make sure to be at the end of his leash extension so he cannot reach me!

We finished the walk and sat outside for a while drinking a beer and just watched the world go by. Being situated across from the Laundry Room, I get to see a lot of foot traffic and the occasional car as people stop to use the facilities. 

We sat for a while until it was almost dark listening to an Audiobook before adjourning back inside for the usual evening repast. I got to watch my Great, Great Grandson, Solly March play another game for his club, Brighton and Hove Albion. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Sunday 04/16/2023

In front of one of the RV’s. 

I awoke late after a decent night’s sleep and pulled up the blinds to let in the new day. The park was already busy with people using the laundry room or out walking their dogs. The occasional car would go by with the occupants driving into town. Sometimes, people would go by that were out for the exercise. You could always tell them as they walked fast and with intent, not like the rest of us whose intent was decided by our dogs. There is no such thing as a straight line when you are dog walking or, come to that, not much speed either. 

Back in The Caboose, we had breakfast and then I settled down to both read the daily news and then work on the blog. I had to think long and hard to recall yesterday’s events which is why I try to stay caught up. 

I had received an email from one of our mutual friends who mentioned that he had visited my old drinking buddy and special mate, George, who is now in an old folk’s home back in England. George did make the grade as a professional soccer (football) player back in the day and came over here from England to play in the North American Soccer League when it first started up. According to my friend Nick, George has Alzheimer’s. Such a shame as he was a really funny guy and could spin wonderful tales. He could also drink a lot of beer… 

Today is another day that we have nothing planned. Except for watering the plants, I have nothing to do outside. I have plans to build a deck but am waiting for permission from the park owners. I will know later today when Malinda and Daniel return from their trip as to how big I can make it. 

Daniel stopped by and we started chatting about Quatro. He asked that we go down as he had some questions and wanted me to show him what does what as far as driving the rig and setting it up. I gladly harnessed up the dogs so they at least can get some exercise out of it, and we walked down the hill to where the RV is parked. 

I explained everything I knew about the rig and then Daniel hopped into the driver’s seat, and we went through what it took to start and what buttons operated the automatic leveler’s and so on. I handed over the last set of keys that I had, and the rig is officially theirs. We still must draw up an agreement, but I do not foresee any problems there. 

Later, we sat around at Daniel’s RV with Malinda and drank a couple of beers just chattering and visiting until it was time to head back to my RV for the usual evening meal and glass of wine. Not that I really needed the wine as I had already drunk a couple of beers, but old habits die hard… 

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