The beauty of Nature and it is free to enjoy…

I awoke around the normal time and when I looked out of the window, Quatro was already parked in Site 40 which is the one I used when Delores cleaned it. This time, it was at Daniel’s bidding as he had hired the local RV cleaning unit that specializes in spray washing the exterior of RVs, to clean the rig up. 

We harnessed up and then wandered down to be nosy and see what was going on. Malinda had Remington out with her, and we chatted for a bit. She mentioned that they had already taken the rig down to the gas station and filled it up and had their first taste of driving it. We chatted for a bit and then we continued our walk. This time, we hit the bottom road and although not walking to the end mostly because Miss Sandy had some interesting smells on the other side of the road and would not walk any further in the direction I wanted to go. She can be stubborn and determined when she sets her mind on it. A bit like all females. 

Back in The Caboose, I fixed us breakfast and we sat and enjoyed the day and being alive before turning my attention to the blog and world news. Giving up on the world news and catching up on the blog, I looked around for other things to get up to. 

The morning had flown by, and I decided to go into Austin to Walmart’s located there as I needed a couple of items as well as the usual grocery run. The drive in was long but uneventful and this time, I got off at the correct exit. You would think that with all the 46 years of living in that area, the same one where Walmart’s is located, that I would know where everything is but the brief time away plus old age, has clouded my memory. 

This time though, I got it right and pulled into the parking lot making a mental note of the row number where I had parked on the way into the store. I avoided the plant section so as not to be tempted and went directly to the wild bird section, stocking up on the necessary supplies to keep our feathered friends happy. 

Prior to that, I had returned the speaker unit as I could not get it to work, and it was the same as the one I had anyway. At least, by trying the new one, I was able to be quite sure that it was a connection problem and not the speaker bar itself. 

I even bought some hanging chimes, having been fascinated by the tinkling sound made by others at the campground as we walk around along with the necessities like food and such. I included wine in that list as a necessity and bought a couple of bottles just to get us through the evenings. Melinda had mentioned that they were short of beer, so I purchased a case of it for them. Heck, I drink it when we socialize and providing it is the least, I could do. For all they do for me, beer is a cheap price to pay. 
Prior to going shopping, Malinda had invited me over to eat with them on the stipulation that I buy my own steak and potato for Daniel to cook. That was only because she only had two steaks, not enough for the three of us, and knew I was going into town. I stopped by on the way back and dropped off the beer, steak, and potato.  

Quatro was looking good after his bath as it sure needed it. At the same time, the gentleman buffed out all the scratches on the rig making it look like new. We stopped a couple of times when we walked the dogs just to see how good a job he was doing. Happy to say, he did excellent work.  

After unloading and putting away the groceries along with the dog’s help, of course, we went out for that last walk of the day. We wandered around and stopped to admire the Gentlemans handiwork on Quatro, one more time before heading back to the RV. Altogether, we covered 2.7 miles for the day. 
I got a call from Malinda telling me it was time to come over. I fed the dogs so they had something to work on while I was gone and wandered across the street where both Daniel was cooking, and Malinda was serving up the food. We sat and ate and chatted up a storm. Both are really interesting, and both can tell a good story. I spent a couple of hours with them and enjoyed every minute of it before heading back to The Caboose for the usual evening’s entertainment. 

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