It was a dull and overcast day with a light drizzle in the wind when we went out for that first walk. I made sure to wear my rain slicker just in case it came on much harder while we were out but as it happened, it stayed the fine drizzle. The park was quiet with very little activity so not much to see as we walked around. 
Back  in the RV following the usual breakfast, the dogs both zonked off under the table as I worked on first reading the news and then writing in the blog. I have no plans for today and will just see what happens.  

We did get permission to build the deck although it will be much smaller than I really want. Still, I can make it work by changing a couple of things, like extending it in the opposite direction to what I had originally planned. 

I spent time posting pictures and bringing the blog up to date although, currently, I am posted several days out. It was time to do a load of laundry and I gathered everything up to do just that. I really like having my own washing machine and it was a worthwhile investment. 

With nothing much else to do and knowing the laundry would take a couple of hours, I sat and listened to an Audiobook for a while simply happy to do nothing for a bit. Not that I have anything really pressing and the only routine thing in my day apart from food, is taking the dogs out walking. Everything else is flexible. 

I listened for a couple of hours to the Audiobook, getting up to attend to the laundry as required. Finally, the machine stopped, and I folded the clothes and put them away in their respective drawers. 

I went back to the Audiobook as it was right in the middle of an exciting part, and I just had to see how it was going to end. Sandy was giving me “the look” and even Mikey was dancing around so I knew they were trying to tell me something in their doggy language. We harnessed up and then walked around the park before hitting the road leading to Hwy 290. There were no exotics to be seen anywhere. 

Back in the RV we sat outside for a while with a small bottle ofwine and continued to listen to the Audiobook before heading inside for the usual evening’s repast. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Wednesday 04/19/2023

I awoke early to a strong sewer smell and lay there wondering what the problem might be. Then I remembered that I had done a load of laundry yesterday and had forgotten to shut the valve on the gray tank leaving a direct line between the sewer and the RV. I open this valve when we do laundry so that the washing machine water can flow out. I have no idea how much water is used by the machine but certainly do not want it to back up, hence the open valve. 

Because I was already up attending to this minor problem, I decided to stay up and have an early morning for a change. It was cloudy outside but not raining yet as we wandered around. Miss Sandy had one of her “walk all over the park” moods as she went here, there, and everywhere with me and Mikey following along like the well-trained individuals that we are. Still, it did not matter as we were not in any hurry to get anywhere. We stopped and talked to a couple of people that we met along the way who were out for their exercise. All the long-term tenants are older people like me, so we all have something in common if nothing more than to discuss the latest aches, pains and weather.

Following the usual breakfast, I sat and read the world news just so I could stay caught up with current events. I should not have bothered as it was no different than yesterday or the day before that. It was a very cloudy and grey day with a chance of rain, and we had nothing planned so it does not matter even if it rains. We could use the wet stuff. 

I sat and wrote, bringing the blog up to date and wondered what I could get up to for the rest of the day. I do have all these storage boxes that the contents need sorting and re-arranging that eventually, I need to get to. Maybe Tomorrow… 

It occurred to me that I did not have insurance on The Caboose and set about correcting that. My other insurances are with Good Sam. I made contact and was put through to a nice salesperson who very patiently worked with me to get the unit insured for a year. Feeling a lot better about it, I hung up and then looked for other things to do. 
I noticed both Daniel and Malinda had returned after being away all day. Daniel stopped by and pointed out the new jeep sitting in his driveway. He had traded in his truck for this new vehicle so he could tow it behind The Caboose. Incidentally, as I no longer own The Caboose and have no idea what Daniel will call it, I should probably refer to it as the RV which was sitting forlornly in one of the parking places, just crying out for some attention… 

We went for the final walk of the day just wandering around and walking the road that leads to Hwy 290 before returning to sit outside for a bit. A couple of other campers stopped by and chatted before moving on. We listened to an Audio book for a while before heading back indoors where I caught up on the blog. 

Finally, we ate dinner and watched TV until going to bed. 

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