Up early for a change and we took that first walk of the day just wandering around and not in any hurry to go anywhere. Malinda was talking to Peggy as they stood by Quatro. I said good morning as we passed not stopping to join in any conversation uninvited and we continued around the park. We went out in the lane at the bottom of the park and then cut back through heading to The Caboose. 

Back indoors, it was the usual coffee and breakfast and then checking emails and reading about the state of the world before turning my attention to the blog. 
We found things to do of the housekeeping kind that I had been putting off for whatever reason and took care of them. After that, I sat indoors listening to an Audio book with both Mikey and Sandy sitting alongside me on the couch. It was very peaceful as well as a delightful story to keep me engaged. I did refrain from grabbing a bottle of wine deeming that 3:00 pm was a little too early to start drinking. 

Both Daniel and Melinda stopped by, and we went over the paperwork to transfer the RV to them. I put my signature where she pointed out and the deal was done. I am no longer the owner of Quatro. Goodbye dear friend, I knew ye well. 

I have no regrets as it was time for me to stop driving on the highways and a rig like that needs open roads and not be penned up in an RV Park. I know that both Daniel and Malinda will not be driving full-time but at least, a lot more than I would. My driving days of big rigs are over, and I will stick to my Jeep. Just one more step on the road of decline to who knows where! 

I sat around indoors for a while with the dogs by my side just dozing off before Daniel stopped at my door again. I went out and then Malinda joined us. We sat there drinking a beer and then they had a call, and both took off telling me to head over to their “new” RV which after a little bit, I did with Mikey and Sandy in tow. 

We sat around chatting with the occasional business interruption. A couple of other campers stopped by and joined in the conversation before moving on and then Daniel got called away on another bit of Park business. 

I wandered back with the dogs in tow and tied them up outside while I refilled and rearranged the bird feeders more to accommodate the Hummers. Then we sat and admired our work for a while before going back inside. We caught up on the blog. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Friday 04/21/2023

We got up at a reasonable hour and out the door to walk the dogs. As usual, I forgot my phone and had to go back for it not that it matters unless something happens, and I might need help. I very rarely get any calls and if I do, it is usually a wrong number or someone trying to sell me something that I do not want. Same is true of emails as they too are mostly junk and unwanted. It seems that no matter how often I block them, they still show up over and over. It is as though the unsubscribe button is there for show or maybe by law as in many cases, it is ignored by the writers. Then again, I suppose that if you are a scammer, you have no ethics and besides, the law doesn’t mean anything to you… 

We went out wandering around looking for signs of damage as we had a major thunderstorm last night and we even got rain although not as much as we needed. There were obvious signs that it had rained, wet roads and such, but no standing water anywhere. Still, we will take all that we can get. We hit the outside road and walked back through the park before returning to The Caboose for breakfast and coffee. 

Today is another day where we have nothing planned. Sooner rather than later, I need to start work on re-organizing the totes. I was inspired by Malinda who went out and bought a dozen boxes to do just that with her move into Quatro but then again, she is an organized person, and I am a slob. I am always full of good intentions but after the first couple of boxes, everything goes haywire, and I lose interest. I have duplicates of duplicates because of my lack of organization. Where is my friend B.J. when I need her? She loves doing that sort of thing… 

I sat and wrote while the dogs slept as though they had already had an exhausting day which they had not as we only walked about a half mile this morning. And they call it a “Dog’s Life.” Still, I should not complain as I have nothing pressing either and could take a nap IF I wanted. I have two unwritten rules. The first is no naps during the day unless I do not feel well. The other is never to pay attention to any rules I might foolishly make. The third is, who needs rules… 

With the blog all caught up and everything posted, I looked around for other things to do without a great deal of luck. So, we harnessed up and went out walking instead. We wandered around for a bit before taking the outside road towards Hwy 290 which we walked to the end and then back to the campground. No exotics to look at. 

I sat outside for a while and Daniel stopped by to chat about some problems with Quatro which needed to be resolved. Always something with an RV. After he left, I continued to sit outside listening to an Audiobook drinking small bottles of wine and feeling better with every sip. Then it was back indoors for the usual evening’s rituals of food and TV until it was time for bed. 

Written 04/21/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com