It was a cloudy day when we got up with a chance of rain in the forecast. We are so far behind rain wise that we would welcome a couple of really wet days. But, as it happened, it cleared off and we did not get any of the wet stuff. 

We went out for that first walk of the day as we usually do and just wandered around. Just as I thought that Sandy was heading back home, off she veered in a totally different direction, and we wandered around the park with no place to go. Eventually, we landed back at The Caboose and went indoors for breakfast. 

Following that, I spent time catching up with the daily news and then turned my attention to the blog writing about yesterday’s happenings before adding pictures and posting it so that we are up to date. Looking around for other things to do, there were a couple of household chores that needed my attention and before I knew it, the time had flown by, and it was already late afternoon. 

I had been keeping an eye on Daniel and Malinda as they worked on their 5th wheel rig getting it ready to move which entailed unloading everything ready to put it into Quatro. I have no idea if they have a name for it yet or even if they name their rigs. 

As I watched, they hooked up their old RV to a truck they had borrowed, as yesterday or maybe the day before, they had traded Daniel’s truck in on a brand-new Jeep to tow behind Quatro and had nothing of their own to do the tow job.  

They hooked up and then took their 5th wheel and parked it down the bottom where the other “vacant” RVs are parked and then jumped into Quatro to park it in their site. At that point, I harnessed up the dogs and we wandered over to see if we could help. I jumped in wherever I could and between us, got the rig situated and blocked. Satisfied as to its location, Daniel hauled out the beer and we sat around drinking for a bit. It was not long before both Kerry and then BJ and finally Peggy joined us, and we sat and talked for a couple of hours. Malinda sat with us, but I could tell that she was really itching to get on with the work and that we were just a hindrance to that as much as she liked socializing. 

After a bit, like an hour later, Peggy and BJ decided to head back to their RV, and I took that as a good hint for me to leave and collecting the dogs, who had been patiently waiting that whole time sitting at my feet, we headed back to The Caboose. 

We adjourned back inside, and I worked on the blog so as not to forget what events had happened before finally getting around to the evening meal and the usual entertainment. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Sunday 04/23/2023

We had a really good night’s sleep waking only for the calls of nature and immediately dropping straight back off. In fact, it was almost 10:00 am before I even awoke. It did not matter as it is not that I am going to be late for anything as we have nothing planned…again. 

We went out for the first walk and just wandered around, finally heading out to the outside lane that leads from one park entrance to the other. We got to make friends with one more dog. This one lives in the only permanent cabin on the property. Cute little thing. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast which was as unappetizing as usual. I really must find something I really like to eat for that first meal of the day. My tastebuds have changed as I grow older and things, I used to like to eat do not taste the same anymore.  

It had cooled off considerably with the outside temperature around 55 degrees and I was glad of the warmth inside of The Caboose. It was nice and cozy there. I read the news and then caught up with the emails not that there was much to worry about. My friend BJ called, and we chatted for a bit as she had received a letter for me which she will put in the mail to my own mailbox. I think I have mentioned before that USPS will not deliver to this RV Park so I have to use a mail box system located on Far West Blvd in Austin. This means a trip in periodically to collect my mail which is usually combined with a trip to Walmart’s at the same time. 

It was not the sort of day to spend too much time outdoors, so we didn’t finding things to do inside the RV. I thought about going into Austin and then decided that it was too much hassle and would keep until tomorrow. 

Even not doing much, the time flew by and before I knew it and after Sandy kept giving me “the look”, I realized it was time to go out walking again. We wandered around not staying out too long as it was uncomfortable out in the wind and weather. 

We adjourned back to The Caboose and even though it was a bit early, I turned on the TV and watched a couple of Premier League matches. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. 

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