I slept well waking to a wet and gloomy day. We really need the rain, but Nature’s timing is off. I harnessed up the dogs and this time, grabbed an umbrella which I keep close to the door. We went out and wandered around and I discovered the difficulties of carrying an umbrella while attached to two dogs and trying to bag their poop. Still, we carried out the task like the good little campers that we are, always obeying the rules of the park. Yeah, right…OK, most of the time. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast shared with Sandy, who promptly upchucked it all and went and sat in her basket and dropped off to sleep. Guess she has an upset tummy, something to keep an eye on. 

I have absolutely no plans of my own for the day and will see how it develops. Hopefully, it will stop raining. I could look at the storage boxes under the bed and try to organize them a bit. Maybe, or not. Out of sight and all of that and there is always tomorrow and if it never comes, then we will not be worrying about anything at all, especially not packing boxes. 
We sat around not doing much of anything for a while, which was nice and relaxing. Then came a knock on the door and it was Amazon delivering directly to my RV. I had ordered jacks to support the two slide outs as we are here permanently, and they need support. Incidentally, that is the first time that Amazon has delivered directly to my RV. Usually, the goods are left by the Office. 

This got me wide awake now that I had a purpose, and I unpacked the boxes. There were four identical jacks, two for each slide and I carried them back to where they were going to be installed. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to do the job, not being as flexible as I used to be. The jacks had to go under the two slide outs which meant somehow getting much closer to the ground than I normally am used to. I am definitely not very agile anymore and the chances that I will get down and not get back up are very real. I could not find my knee pads (of course) so that idea would not work. Eventually, I got over it by using a small footstool and sitting on it while I screwed the jacks in to where they had to go. There is always a way… 

Now that I was upright from the sitting position on the stool, the dogs, who had been tied up outside, and I took the packing boxes over to the dumpsters where I broke them down before putting them in, and then walked around for a bit before returning to the RV. This time, I dug out the birdseed I has already bought and refilled all the feeders. I tried to repair the broken water feeder to no avail as it no longer holds water, so it too went into the dumpster. 

We took another short walk and then sat outside watching the world go by, not that there was much activity, drinking a small bottle of wine and eating potato chips. Not good for the diet but still tasty. Got to splurge sometimes. As it is, Daniel is getting me into bad habits by encouraging me to drink beer with him. Not that I need too much encouragement. 

Finally, we adjourned back inside where I worked on the blog for a bit before feeding the dogs and then myself and watching the usual evening television. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Wednesday 04/26/2023

It was overcast with a chance of rain when we went out walking around the park. I let Miss Sandy lead us whichever way she wanted to go and before long, we were on the outside road. She could not decide whether to head towards Hwy 290 or back down the hill and in the end, we did both. I finally convinced her that we should go back for breakfast, and we headed to the RV. For a short, fat little dog, she sure likes to walk a lot. It must be all those interesting smells that drive her on. Mikey and I were ready to call it quits after one lap around the park but not that little girl. 

Back in the RV, I fixed my breakfast and coffee giving Sandy a piece that she ignored. Mikey ignored it too, so I guess my taste in food is different than theirs although, I thought dogs were supposed to eat almost anything. I had heated up a burrito which quite truthfully, was not that appetizing but quick and easy to prepare. Food just does not taste the same anymore as I age. Still, I can’t live without it…  

With it being as cloudy and overcast as it was, it was a good day to be inside although it had warmed back up into the mid 70’s by 10:30 am. Sandy was giving me “the look” so we harnessed up to wander around the park.We stopped at Daniels RV as he was busy hooking up the sewer drain, and we had discussed yesterday how he was going to do that. I had suggested that he have a piece of flexible piping as the last link to the drain so that it would be easier to repark after any trips. He had done it differently and will now have to park “on a dime” so to speak to reconnect. Then again, what do I know… 

I made the short drive into town to stop at HEB as I was out of laundry detergent and needed to wash clothes. I found a couple of other things, of course, and $150.00 later, headed back to the RV. I totally ignored Starbucks.

On my return, we went out walking and when we were finished, sat outside listening to an Audiobook drinking wine. I had my eyes closed as I listened to the story and heard a whistle. Daniel was sitting at the picnic table and even Mikey had not barked at him this time. I brought us out a couple of beers and we sat and shot the breeze for a while. He really is a funny guy. 

Two beers later, he left, and we went out for the final walk of the day chatting to whoever wanted to talk with us before returning for the usual evening meal and television. 

Written 04/26/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com