We got up at a reasonable hour, at least for us, and then got ready for that first walk of the day. My glute muscle was very sore, and I decided that as we were going walking, I was going to need one of my hiking poles to help me along. After harnessing up the dogs, I stopped at the Jeep where the poles are kept and grabbed one of them. It was a definite help as the glute was very painful to walk on. 

We hobbled about just long enough for the dogs to get some exercise and do their business before heading back to The Caboose for breakfast and coffee. I sat and wrote for a while but feeling like a cripple, was not very enthusiastic to do very much else. Like all muscle pulls, they can be very painful and this one was no exception. 

I noticed that Quatro had already gone so Daniel and Malinda must have left early. I hope that they both have a great time with their new toy. 

I did a lot of sitting around both indoors and out on the wicker couch listening to an Audiobook and feeling sorry for myself. This is not the first muscle I have pulled in a lifetime devoted to sports, but it is the first glute and for me, a whole new experience. I could definitely have done without it… 

Later on in the day, we went out for another walkabout and again, it was just a short one for the dogs. Sandy could not understand why she could not wander all over the place as she usually does, but for once, I kept her on a short leash not wanting to get off the pavement and onto the grass. 

Returning back to The Caboose, we sat outside sometimes conversing with any campers passing by and listening to the Audiobook until it started to cool off. Then it was time to go back indoors for the usual evening meal and more television. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Saturday 04/29/2023

The new water drinker

We awoke to a beautiful but windy day. The sun was shining bright and even my glute muscle felt a little better. At least good enough to take that first walk although we only did a half mile. The park is pretty empty, and I counted 15 open spots. Saturdays are often travel days for a lot of campers, so it is not surprising to see so many empty places. Some will probably fill later in the day as campers come in from one place to the next. Happy to say, I do not miss those days although it was fun at the time. 

Back in the RV, I tidied up and made the bed so that Miss Sandy can sleep on it as she usually does. That is, unless she hears or smells food then she comes running out and is wide awake and very attentive. Then, I settled down for the usual scan of the overnight news but there was nothing earth shattering and everything else was pretty much the same as the day before. 

I turned my attention to the blog catching up on yesterday and then working on today. We are up to date with the posting except of course, for today. 

Because of the torn glute, I really did not feel like doing very much and so for a couple of hours, we just sat on the couch, the dogs and me. I sort of dozed off but just had my eyes closed and never went to sleep. Time passed with us just sitting there and doing nothing until I figured out it was time to be active again. 

This got me going and we went outside and hooked up the new bird waterer that I had received yesterday. I also refilled the Hummers feeders. I had been watching them for a while and wondered why there were not that many Hummers around and discovered that there was a lone Hummer who had claimed ownership of both feeders and was attacking any other Hummers that came within range. He sat in the branch above the feeders and when one appeared flew down on it and frightened it away. I tried to scare him off but with little success. Selfish bugger. There is enough food for everybody, but he had claimed two feeders all for himself or maybe, herself. 

We harnessed up for the last walk of the day with the first stop at the dumpster to dispose of the drinker box and then did a slow circuit around the park as my butt was painful. Even hurting, we managed to cover 1.3 miles for the day. Back at the RV, we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook and drank a small bottle of wine along with chocolate biscuits. Neither very good for me but oh so tasty. 

Eventually, as the air cooled off, we came back indoors for the evening meal and entertainment. I watched Brighton and Hove Albion win their game by a decisive 6-0 score. Solly was not on the scoresheet. 

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