The park was very quiet as we walked around. We only saw one other dog walker in the distance. It is Sunday so maybe the people are all at church. Either that or sleeping late. One of the campers pulled out this morning waving as they left. Glad I do not do that anymore, but I do wish that I had discovered RV camping much earlier in life and had longer at it.  

We hit the outside road leading to Hwy 290 but did not go all of the way. My glute muscle was still sore making it difficult for me to walk. We got back to The Caboose, and I noticed that the big feeder was empty, so I guess the deer have found it. I dug out the seed which is now inside the new to me, storage bin along with seed bells and other items to feed the birds. 

One of the holders for a bird “seedcake” was on the floor and the hanging hook was bent so it looks like the deer had a struggle with that one. Hope it hit him on the nose on the way down. I straightened things out and reloaded all the holders before heading back indoors for breakfast and coffee. Incidentally, so far, the deer have only eaten two of the flower plants and nibbled at the roses and even then, not all the way. Just the juicy shoots on the top of the plant. It is a fine balance between eating the flower plants or eating the birdseed with me having no control over any of it. Such is the way of Nature…I would prefer them to eat the bird seed as it is easily replaced. Not so much with the plants. I got to thinking about the deer problem and went online to find a deer repellant which I ordered, and it should be here tomorrow. We will see if it has the desired effect. Pity I cannot use it on the bird feeders, but I can at least anchor them, so the deer don’t tip out the seed. 

Following another tasteless but important breakfast, I turned my attention to the world news as I usually do and read a few articles that interested me. One was a piece that claims 14000 plus people have been shot so far this year in gun related incidents in this country. This really surprised me as I did not think the number was that high. Despite these high numbers, freedom to own a gun is increasing in many States across the country. The Founding Fathers never envisaged the outcome of the 2nd Amendment when they included it in the Bill of Rights and although it made sense at that time, it does not make sense in this modern day and age as everything is different. Times and people have changed and not always for the better. 

I had nothing planned and spent a lot of time just sitting around interspersed with walking the dogs. I watched another Premier League game telling myself that it was OK to do that during the day as I had that sore butt muscle, which was probably true. 

The time passed albeit slowly as we went out for that final walk and then back to the RV for the evening’s meal and entertainment. 

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