This is the second of the feeders.

For once, I got up at a reasonable hour and following the usual morning ablutions, we went out to wander the park. There was not a lot going on and the park is fairly empty with mostly just the full-timers and long-stay campers here.

Daniel was up and about and being his usual busy self. He stopped by and I asked him if he had a watering can, I could borrow which he had, and I wandered over to his RV. Malinda came out and handed me the can. They knew I wanted it to mix the deer deterrent that had arrived yesterday to water the damaged plants that the deer seemed to like. 

I mixed the stuff appropriately as directed and watered the plants hoping they would regrow. Stupid deer. No wonder people shoot them although I never could. Back in my younger days in New York State, I would go deer hunting with a bunch of friends using a borrowed rifle in the Adirondacks mostly for the companionship and fun of being together with a group of crazy guys. When we went hunting and whenever I had a deer within range and in my sights, I would deliberately miss as I had no desire to kill these animals. Up there, you hunted in a long line of hunters heading towards the beaters who were way ahead of you. If the others killed the deer, there was nothing I could do about it, but it was not going to be me. To the others, I was just a lousy shot which was fine. 

Not content with eating my flowers, the deer also worked on the bird feeders. They have learned to tip them sideways so that the seed runs out on the ground and eat it from there. Oh well, it is only money…Does that mean the deer view me as a friend? 

Following breakfast, I sat and read the daily news and then worked on the blog catching up with yesterday. I would have sworn that I had already completed yesterday working on it late last evening, but I cannot find what I wrote, anywhere. I have no idea what has happened to it, so I had to rewrite yesterday all over again. 

Incidentally, my glute is a lot better, and I can get around without the use of a hiking stick making it much easier to go out walking the dogs which we did with a mid-day walk. We did not go far but enough for them to do their business and for me to get some fresh air and exercise. 

Back indoors, I decided to do a load of laundry and went about the task of loading the machine, adding the detergent, and turning it on. I tried something different this time and added bleach through the I hoped, proper place and then let it run. I had it set the cycle for wash only which allowed me to add the nice smelly anti-wrinkle sheets which I did when I switched it to the dry cycle. 

I put some drumsticks on to cook on the indoor grill and when they were done cooked some chicken cutlets with an additional spicy flavor. Incidentally, the last are for me and the first are for the dogs all cut up and added to their regular dog meat roll. What makes you think they are spoilt? 

I wrote and did other things while they were cooking and then broke down the indoor grill for cleaning, leaving it to soak in the sink while we went out for yet another stroll around the park. Altogether, we covered 1.8 miles. Incidentally, my hip muscle is still a little sore but has gotten a whole lot better and I no longer use my walking pole. 

We sat outside for a while listening to an Audiobook that is particularly gripping and drinking a seltzer. Daniel and Malinda pulled up in their truck and offered to take me with them into town to eat but I gracefully declined. Maybe, next time. 

We sat for a while, and it was time for that last walk of the day. I had some trash, so we headed to the trash bins running into our friend from a couple of days ago. We chatted for a bit, and he headed off in a different direction to get his exercise. We wandered around the park but did not hit the outside roads and then returned to The Caboose for the usual evening’s meal and entertainment. 

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