I slept well and got up at a reasonable hour. Anything around 8:00 am is early for us as 9:00 am is our normal time to roll out. If I went to bed early instead of at midnight or later, I could probably roll out sooner. Really not much point as we have no reason to get up any earlier. 

We have nothing planned on the calendar for today except for the usual demands from the dogs. We went out for the first walk just wandering around and ran into a couple of other dogs and their Hooman’s. There was the usual doggy interaction and a couple of friendly words between us, the owners, before moving on. 

We came back for that all-important breakfast although, to be honest, I have not found very much that appeals to me in the way of food. I settle for things like toast with various things spread on it or the simplest of things is a Burrito quickly heated in the microwave. Still even they, although filling a hole in my stomach are still not very tasty. Incidentally, I am way too lazy to cook eggs and bacon with hash browns on the side although that is a real breakfast. The coffee is OK but is lacking something which I have yet to put my finger on. 

I spent considerable time on the blog and working on pictures that I have taken, bringing everything up to date and posting a couple. I had previously worked on the pictures, adjusting as necessary before posting a couple of them. 

With the blog up to date, we went out walking and ran into Daniel who was trimming grass. He really does have the look of the park as one of his foremost jobs and works hard at it. Much different than some of the parks that both he and I stayed at. There, you were virtually on your own after checking in online and there was no physical presence to help upon arrival or at any other time. Plus, the grounds looked like sh… 

Back at the RV, I went outside and worked on the bird feeders, filling them as required and on a couple of them, anchored them to stop the deer from tipping them sideways for the seed to fall out on the ground making for a tasty snack. 

Then it was back outside to just sit and listen to an Audiobook before going out on that last walk of the day. We wandered around wherever the Boss lady would take us until returning to sit back outside with a small bottle of wine, actually two small bottles and a tasty snack, shared with the dogs to relax as we listened to yet another gripping story. This one was all about zombies taking over the World. Of course, those stories can never have an ending but just go on to the next volume. As I was at Volume 3 of 3, I am not sure what my next listen will be. 

We went back inside for the usual evening’s meal and entertainment as the day ended. 

Written 05/03/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com