Spotted on our walk around the park. 

Mikey woke me up barking which he usually reserves for something outside, so I scrambled into a pair of shorts and checked the exterior door. Sure enough, Daniel was standing there wanting some help with a project that he had going on in the campground.  

I hurriedly got into my clothes after the usual morning ablutions and stepped out of the door to go help him. Before that, I took the dogs out for a short walk, enough to do their business and stretch their little legs. 

I jumped into Malinda’s truck and along with Daniel, we drove into Dripping Springs, stopping along the way at a restaurant aptly named The Pig Pen. I ordered a breakfast Burrito taking a guess at what might be in it as there were many choices. That and a a large paper cup full of coffee and I was all set to face the day. Incidentally, the Burrito was gigundous as well as delicious.  

From there, we went to the Home Depot and picked up the supplies needed for the work that Daniel had to do and then drove back. I helped unload the material he had bought and then hung around as the others put things together. I helped wherever I could, but it was mostly hold this or that type of help. Hard to believe that in my youger days, I used to do all of that sort of work for a living.

We worked for the rest of the day until it was time to quit, and I headed back to The Caboose to take the dogs walking. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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Daniel on the right. I am the slob on the left.

The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Friday 05/05/2023

I crawled out of bed ready to face another day of doing nothing. We went out walking and ran into Daniel who inquired if I was ready to help him finish off yesterday’s project. I walked back to The Caboose and put the dogs indoors and then went to help Daniel. 

We worked for a while joined by Malinda and then Gary. I got a call from my friend BJ, who along with another friend Barb, had come over to visit and were back at my RV. 

Excusing myself from the ongoing work project, I walked back to my RV and spent 30 minutes or so with them before they left. I showed them The Caboose and they were both suitably impressed. 

After they left, I went back to helping. By now, there were a couple of other people who had stopped by either just to watch or to help or both and this project had turned into a party without the beer. 

It was finally completed except for the paint and there was some discussion about who should do that. 

Finally, the entire work crew adjourned back to Malinda’s RV to sit outside and chat about the days happening. We have a remarkably interesting group of campers all with stories to tell and glad to tell them. 

I was one tired old man with really sore knees when I finally headed back to The Caboose for the evening meal and to watch Solly play for Brighton as they beat Manchester United at the final play of the game. 

Overall, a very good day. 

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