The new deck and stairs. It will get painted grey to match the RV.
We got up at a reasonable hour and did our usual walk around the grounds. We met a couple of other people with their dogs, and we went through the doggy greeting ritual each time. Most of the time, after a couple of barks and then the usual sniffing routine, the dogs are friendly to each other. Very occasionally, they will not get along and it is time to continue walking with apologies to the other dog owner. 

We had the usual breakfast and I sat in front of the computer to write about the previous day’s events. There was nothing planned for today as big as the past couple of days, mostly just some rearranging and straightening up kind of stuff. 

The dogs started barking and I saw Malinda outside with a couple of her Grandkid’s. I opened the door to hear her remind me about breakfast in the Commons and get my ass over there. OK, maybe, she did not use those exact words, but the meaning was clear. 

I finished what I was doing and wandered the 50 yards over to the Commons Area. The usual group were there, BJ and Peggy, Gary, Kerry, and her husband along with Malinda’s son, his wife and their three small kids and of course, Daniel and Malinda.  

It was a very pleasant gathering, and the food was good. The fact that I had not eaten all day yesterday until extremely late in the evening and that today, I had two breakfasts all in the space of an hour, reeked of overindulgence. Quite literally from famine to feast. 

We sat around talking, laughing, and joking and then the party broke up with people going in all directions. I wandered back and decided to throw in a load of laundry that could be washing while I was writing. I have gotten to where I trust the laundry machine to do things right without tearing itself apart from where it is located, and I no longer get close to hold it during the spin cycle. 

We went out for another walk just wandering around the grounds. I could still feel the effects of the past couple of days’ work but most of the aches and pains had subsided and when we got back to the RV, we took a nap for an hour or so. First time in a long time we have done that. 

When I awoke, I felt a lot better, and we harnessed up for yet another walk, the last of the day before heading back inside for the usual evening’s meal and entertainment. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Sunday 05/07/2023

Viewed from the right

We went out for that first walk of the day and just wandered around feeling very glad to be alive. Most of my aches and pains had disappeared and I was ready to face whatever today would bring. Following the walk, we headed back to The Caboose for breakfast and coffee. 

It was a dull and overcast day with light showers forecast but we had nothing planned. I was sitting and writing, and the dogs started barking. I looked up and my next-door neighbor, Peggy was standing on the porch. We, that is me, and the dogs went out to greet her and she explained that she was concerned as she had not seen me all day. 

I knew that today was the day they were going to move to yet another RV, actually, Daniel and Malinda’s “old” one but I had forgotten about it. I had planned to help as needed but I guess they managed without me OK. Surprise, surprise…Their “New” RV is in site 15, next to one of my old sites. I think they changed RVs to have more room as they too plan on staying here permanently 

My friend BJ always gives me a hard time on the number of RV’s that I have had but these two ladies have me beat hands down as this is their third one in a couple of months.  

When I offered it, Peggy said they had a lot of help and did not need me but thanked me for the offer and went on her way pulling her cart full of her things. I even offered her my jeep with the carryall on the back if it would help them, but she declined the offer saying that nearly everything was moved and all that they had to do was straighten things out. 

I went back to writing and made sure that the blog was up to date before looking around for other things to get up to. Incidentally, I left the sliding glass door open so that the dogs can go in and out as they please, making sure that the deck gates are closed of course. Unless someone walks by or climbs the stairs, they spend their time inside with me. Good job I did not build it for them as it would never get used. 

We went out for another walk and just wandered around and finally ended up at the ladies new, to them, RV. They had another friend visiting them and the four of us sat around chatting. Occasionally, Peggy and/or BJ, would get up and hang an ornament or rearrange a carpet or something similar with whoever was still sitting, giving verbal encouragement. Lots of it. 

It was a very pleasant experience and we finally left to continue with our walk and just wandered around before returning to The Caboose for the usual evening’s food and entertainment. 

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