The new swimming pool that is currently under construction

It was cloudy with a chance of drizzle and had cooled off quite a bit when we took that first walk. We just wandered around as we usually do, getting to talk to a couple of other campers and making a fuss of their dogs. 

Back in the RV, we had the usual coffee and breakfast, and I settled down in front of the stupid computer, trying everything I knew to get it to boot up. Of course, it refused to cooperate so I decided that I would take it into the nearest Best Buy to see if they could do something with it. 

I drove into Bee Cave to the Best Buy located there and of course, they had a waiting list a mile long and could not fit me in straight away. I opted to drive in to the closest one in Austin which is the one I usually use. 

Their waiting list was even longer, and they could not fit me in until almost 4:00 pm. I wandered over to the area to buy a zip drive to store my data on and made the mistake of stopping at the new computers. I chose one that would work for me and made the purchase. I did not go top of the line as all I do nowadays is basically word processing and a bit of photo touch up. I am not a “gamer’ and do not need the extra bells and whistles. 

I paid for my goodies and made my way to the exit where there is always a person that checks you out to make sure you have paid. He had to take the storage case off the flash drive and worked hard at it with a special opening gadget. He was getting frustrated, so I took it from him and went ahead and opened the case using just my fingers. He looked at me in amazement, but I shrugged it off, not telling him that he had already loosened it up and all I did was give it that extra tug. 

I drove home the back way so that I could go into the HEB on William Canon to get that milk and of course, a couple of other things snuck in my basket.  

This time on the way home, I stopped at Starbucks right next door to HEB mainly because my stomach was empty, and I needed a snack to eat on the way home. I ordered a regular Latte which tasted much better. Lately, I have been drinking the nonfat variety although, I do not limit myself on calories for anything else I eat and drink so in reality, it was pretty stupid of me. 

Arriving back at the RV, I was met by my excited little friends who gave me the usual help with the goodies and then we harnessed up again for yet another walk before I went back to The Caboose to try to get the original computer to fire up before I took the new one out of its box. The drive I had bought turned out not to be the right one to start up the old computer, but I persevered and managed to find a password that made the computer work. Before long, I was back at writing away playing catchup after missing the last couple of days. I worked for a couple of hours and brought us up to date, including today to the present time.  

At that point, it was doggie walk time again and I hooked them both up and we went out just to wander around. We took the lane that leads to Hwy 290 and walked it to the end. I had put a jacket on because it had turned quite chilly and was glad of it. Incidentally, while I was away in Austin, the campground got 2.5 inches of rain which was very obvious as we walked around. 

Altogether, I covered 3.2 miles for the day, a very good one as far as I was concerned. 

Back in the RV, I continued playing catchup until I had today completed. By then, it was almost 9:00 pm and time for real food as the chips and wine I was working on did not really do the job. 

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