The front yard is flooded and water is pouring down the street is how hard it rained.

The sun was shining when I opened my eyes even though I had managed to sleep until 9:30 am. I crawled out and took a shower to wake me up and we went through the usual routine of walking and then breakfast.  

Chris stopped over as we were going out for the walk and inquired if I still wanted to borrow the picnic table awning while his RV was being repaired, which I did. He brought it over along with the metal base and even set it up while we were out wandering around. 

After many months of waiting for the parts to arrive, they were finally taking their Airstream in to get it repaired. Originally, they were going to use Quatro while this was going on, but events did not work out that way as Daniel and Malinda bought it instead. Now, they plan on visiting friends and family while it is being fixed. 

It started to rain, and I mean rain… The skies opened up and along with thunder and lightning it just fell out of the sky. There was also a very strong wind. In no time flat, my front yard was flooded with water running rapidly down the hill. No wonder the grass does not grow there. 

It finally eased off after a half hour or so and the sun came out. There were still a few clouds in the sky and the forecast is a chance of more rain showers. The only problem with such heavy rain, apart from any damage it may cause, is that it runs over the ground instead of soaking it in and a lot is wasted. Maybe that is not the right word as no rain is ever wasted. What I meant was that instead of soaking in and around the park, it gully washed off into places unknown. 

I let the awning out for it to dry as when it is rolled up, rainwater collects on the top of it. I would say that is a flaw in the design but what do I know? 

I was sitting and working on some pictures and the dogs went to the door where I saw that Daniel was at the foot of the porch. He had just filled my propane tank and we chatted for a while before he went back to what he was doing, and I returned to my writing. 

I thought about going into town to get a haircut and pick up my quilt, but my heart was not into it, and I figured it would keep for another day. Maybe tomorrow… 

It was almost 4:30 pm and time to go out for another walk. We wandered around as we usually do before returning to The Caboose where we sat outside just contemplating the world around us. 

I decided that I should refill the bird feeders if only to feed the deer which I went ahead and did. I worked on the anchoring system to try to prevent the deer from eating everything. So far, I have not stopped them one little bit from doing their thing. 

Daniel stopped by with a beer in hand and one for me. We sat at the picnic table and chatted for a while and then he went back to his RV. We went out for the final walk of the day and just wandered around.  

We ran into the little French Bulldog whose name is Olive who is the funniest little thing. She always has a stick when she is out walking and when the owner, Greg, stops to chat, sits and chews on it always being sure to take whatever is left with her when they move on. 
We did not stay out long as the storm clouds were moving in, and it looked like it might rain again. Back in the RV, I brought the shade back in just in case the wind got up if and when it rains. I had extended it to let it dry as it was dripping on me when I went outside. 

We sat and wrote and waited for it to rain as we prepared for the usual evening meal and then more Premier League Football. Incidentally, Solly is out for the rest of the season with that torn hamstring although there are only four games left for Brighton to play. At least, he will have the summer to recover but he will need to report back in for rehab when he is ready, which could spoil his time off. It is a long season, and the professional players only get a month or so off every year. 

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