I was not sure what I was expecting when I awoke but all was good. No hangover or headache or any after effects of last night’s drinking. I can’t wait to find out what sort of an idiot I made of myself or what stupid things I may have said. Amazing what happens when you have drunk too much alcohol.. 
We went out walking and I noticed that both of Danels and Malinda’s vehicles had gone so they were probably back at the school, working. We wandered around but it was already hot and humid and uncomfortable. We walked for a while, but I could tell that neither dog was really into it, and we returned for breakfast. 

This was followed by the usual world news and then emails which, luckily for me, produced no surprises. Incidentally, my efforts of preventing the deer from eating the bird seed were only partially successful so it is back to the drawing board on that one. There is no rain in the forecast for the next ten days and the temperature will reach the high 80’s again. Summer is almost here in my part of Texas as from here on out, it will get hotter and hotter. 

I worked on the pictures that I had taken in Lightroom before bringing them over to the writing program where I can post them as needed. Many of the pictures are almost duplicates of others but with a slightly different twist to them. It is hard to find new things around the campground that are picture worthy. 

With the blog up to date, I looked around for something else to get up to. I thought about re-arranging the closets and drawers and the more I thought about it, the less appealing that Idea was. There was nothing much I could do outside, and I certainly was not going to fill the bird feeders until I fixed the deer problem and who knows when that may be. 

In the end, I took the dogs out for a short walk before returning, grabbing a small wine bottle and then sitting outside to listen to an Audiobook. The current story, Fairy Tale by Stephen King, is interesting and great to listen to. 

We sat there for a couple of hours and then went out for the final walk of the day just wandering around the park. It was still hot and humid, and it was great to find shade to walk in. Must be at least ten degrees cooler. 

Back in the RV, I folded up the chairs and then we adjourned back indoors where first, I completed today’s blog and then it was the usual evening meal and watching a Premier League Football game. 

Written 05/17/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Thursday 05/18/2023

Another cat on a leash

For some reason, I did not wake up until almost 10:30 am probably due to excessive drinking the night before. Normally, this would not be a problem, but I did have a 2:00 pm Lawyers appointment up on the North side of Austin. We had time to go walking around the park and I heated a burrito and made coffee, eating and drinking fast with one eye on the clock. 

I knew it was a 2-hour trip to get there probably even longer as I could not remember exactly where the Lawyers office was having only visited once before. I put the address into my phone and hoped like hell. 

After a 2-hour trip, I eventually found it and walked in the door right on 2:00 pm, the appointed meeting time and was led to a Conference room, given a copy of the new will and told to review it. After struggling with the Lawyer talk in the will, I found the part that had been changed to my satisfaction and we went through the process of signing it in front of witnesses. 

With that out of the way, they quickly supplied me with my copies, and I paid the bill before walking back to the car. The last time I was here, a stray rock from the nearby road had cracked my windshield but this time everything was OK as we drove off. 

I headed back in the direction of home, but I had one more stop along the way at the usual Walmart’s that I normally stop at in South Austin. I really did not need very much but still managed to spend $189.00. Amazing how quickly a lot of nothing mounts up. I did stock up on wild bird supplies while I was there which accounted for quite a bit of the cost. 

The drive home was uneventful, and we stopped at Starbucks on William Cannon before driving home the “back” way. I had managed to spend nearly all day in town, and it was almost 5:00 pm when we got back. 

We went out walking at once just so the guys could stretch their legs and do their thing before heading back to The Caboose to sit outside, listen to a very good Audiobook, drink wine and watch the world go by. 
The older gentleman, Greg, stopped by, and we sat at the picnic table and shot the breeze. It was a very interesting 30 minutes before he got up to resume his walk around the park. In his case, it is medicinal as he had a stroke or heart attack a short time ago. He tells me that he will be here until the end of this month and then is heading back to Illinois for the summer. He does plan on returning here for the winter. Don’t blame him for that at all… 

I went inside and wrote in the blog before getting ready for the usual evening rituals of food, wine and television in that order and I could always do without the TV. 

Written 05/18/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com