When I awoke, there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was already beginning to climb. We wandered around on the first walk of the day and stopped to talk to Malinda and Sarah, the Park owner who were just wandering around. I did not recognize Sarah as she had her hair down and not under the cap she usually wears, stupid me. I will look more closely next time. 

We ran into Daniel out and about as he usually is and stopped to chat about his weekend trip which he said was a major success and they had a wonderful time. 

We went on our way with our walk. My hip was still a little sore and I will be glad when it clears up. Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and the inevitable coffee and wrote in the blog after catching up with the world’s news. 

The rest of the day was slow with not much going on and I spent a lot of time just looking for things to do. 

Malinda called me to say that a few of them were going to one of the local restaurants to celebrate BJ’s birthday. Not the one from Bastrop but the one from the BJ and Peggy combination. I happily agreed and was given strict instructions as to the timing. 

At the appointed time, I scrambled out of The Caboose and into Malinda’s truck for the short drive into town to the El Rey Mexican restaurant on Main Street. There, we were seated at a large table. Included in the group were Malinda and Daniel, BJ and Peggy, Delores, Gary and myself. BJ and Peggy had driven in on their own individual cars having come from their employment with Dripping Springs School District. They are both school bus drivers. 

We had this wonderful Mexican meal of our own choice amid a lot of chatter. Incidentally, the meals were huge and more than one of the party asked for doggy bags. I finished mine and was literally forced to eat the last piece of birthday cake which I happily obliged. Who wants to miss out on free cake? 

The party broke up and we made our way back to the campground. I sat outside for a while just watching the world go by and contemplating how nice it is to have friends. We eventually went back inside to watch television and drink wine. I certainly did not need any more food. 

Written 05/22/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com