The finished paint job. Now I will have to repaint the handrails to the steps to match them.

I crawled out at what I thought was a reasonable hour to the sound of the phone ringing. It was Delores telling me she was outside. This was a bit of a shock as I knew her sleeping habits were a bit like mine. I hastily threw on some clothes and opened the door. Sure enough, she was sitting at the outside table checking her phone as I peeked out of the curtain.

I opened the door and told her I would be right back, took the dogs for a short circuit around the park. We returned to the RV, and I tied the dogs up, so they could be a part of the action. Between Delores and I, we dug out the paint and brushes and got ready to work on the deck. 

We painted nonstop for the next 6 hours working as a team and managed to get the entire deck and framework painted, both the visible portions and that hidden from the human eye. This is the area that Delores worked on the most. She had to sit on her rear and reaching up overhead, to paint the underside of the deck boards and the legs and framework.  

We painted as much as was visible and as the deck is high, most of the underside was just that. 

Incidentally, she brought her own 1 Inch paintbrush with her and quickly wore it out. I gave her a 1.5 inch brush, and she worked with it for the rest of the time. I, on the other hand, had a 3 inch brush so we worked out a system. She did all of the tricky stuff that needed the small brush, and I did the larger areas using the 3 inch one.  

Daniel came over as we were finishing along with Gary who had also stopped by. I had brought out a bunch of small wines and beer for Daniel and with the exception of Gary, who had brought his own cup of coffee, the rest of us enjoyed a social drink as we sat and chattered. 

I looked over at Delores and we exchanged glances that said, a job well done. We both sat there for a while enjoying the moment knowing we had worked hard in some difficult and hard to get at areas. Eventually, the small party broke up and I took the dogs out for a very short walk and then came back to sit in front of The Caboose. I must have closed my eyes as the next thing was Malinda standing there wanting to know if everything was OK. I assured her it was, and we chatted for a while before she headed back to her RV. 

We went inside and spent the rest of the evening in the usual way. At least now, the deck is finished which is one less thing to worry about. 

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