This is the picnic table where we sat and drank our refreshments. You can see how muddy the ground is below it. This area floods when we have any amount of rain which is also why the grass does not grow there.

Before we went to bed last evening, the storm clouds had been brewing and the sound of thunder was off in the distance. Sure enough, the storm arrived after we had retired. It was one of the typically spectacular Texas thunderstorms with brilliant flashes and the roar of the thunder accompanied by lots of rain. 

Mikey cuddled a bit closer as he doesn’t like storms and we all dropped off to sleep not waking until the morning. The storm had passed but the much-welcomed rain continued off and on. We harnessed up and then wandered around for a bit in between the showers on a short walk around the campground which was quiet. 
Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and coffee for me and then sat in front of the computer to while away the time working on the blog. I was a couple of days behind in the posting and worked for more than a couple of hours playing catch-up.  

It is surprising just how long it takes to work on the blog, not only In the writing but developing and posting pictures and then posting the entire blog. 
I had the blog sorted out at least as far as I could go for the day as I had no way of forecasting the future and my mind turned to practical things. In this case, it was a trip into Dripping to the HEB store to stock up on groceries and of course, the inevitable bottle of wine or the small bottles depending on my supply needs. 

I made a list of the groceries and then took the short drive in. The store was as busy as it always seems to be, but I knew pretty much where everything was found. I worked my way along the aisles buying only what was on my list, sort of. A couple of extra things snuck into my basket as they usually do. I blame that on the list maker for not including these items in the first place. 

I finally reached the check-out counter and walked out $183.00 later but to be fair, I did include beer for Daniel and Melinda in that. Still, that does seem to be around the normal price for my groceries which do not change very much and this time, I did not buy any potted flowers. 
I stopped at Starbucks and bought a cold Latee for the drive home which was uneventful. No turtles crossing the road and we made it back to the RV where I unloaded my groceries helped by my two little buddies. 

After we put everything away, Sandy had already decided that we were going out walking and I harnessed them up and we wandered around the park. When we returned, we sat outside drinking a small bottle of wine just contemplating the world. I had watched as in the distance, and I could see Daniel and his crew working on assembling the parts for the new building. 

Back at the RV, the dogs and I, continued to sit outside and suddenly, we were joined by Delores who plonked herself down and willingly accepted my offer of the small bottle of wine, which I too happened to be drinking. 

We sat there for a while talking about the world in general and going over our experiences of the day before painting the deck when we were joined by Gary who is not a drinker even though I offer every time he sits with us. He sticks to whatever he has in his glass that is his constant companion. 

We sat chatting between the three of us for a while before both Daniel and Malinda joined us and then the whole conversation started up all over again. Daniel was in fine form aided and abetted by Malinda and the stories kept a rolling. I continued bringing out more wine for Delores and myself and beer for Daniel and Malinda, incidentally of the brand I know they like, along with some snacks to munch on. We sat and told stories, each wilder and more farfetched than the last until it was time for us all to go our separate ways. 

Daniel, being the nice guy that he is, picked up the trash and empty bottles and such and took them over to the dumpster on his way back to his RV. I picked up any remaining things laying around and put them away. Satisfied that we were in ship shape condition, we went back inside for the usual evening’s entertainment this time, I did not drink anymore wine already having had my fill. All in all, it was a fun day. 
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