This is the group that usually gets together. Missing is Delores who is on vacation and BJ who is taking the picture.

I got up at a reasonable hour, at least for me. I blame it on the dogs as they are supposed to let me know they gotta go, Dad, but they just lay there snoring their fool heads off. Not exceptionally reliable alarm clocks. On the other hand, it is good they can “hold it” until I get up. 

The first chore of the day before going out walking is to collect the trash to take with us to the dumpsters and then, I usually let up the blinds on the non-sun side and the front of the RV to let in the daylight. As the sun changes through the day, the blinds on the left are raised and the ones on the right, lowered. If it is a really sweltering day, all the blinds are kept lowered to compensate for the single pane of glass in the windows which lets the heat in. The windows are already tinted, which helps a lot. 

I harnessed the dogs and tied them up outside so they could watch as I brought out the many bird seed holders and hung them in their respective places and then we got ready to go out walking the park. 

Before we left, Daniel who was talking to one of my neighbors, asked about the deer repellent and as I happened to have the bottle at hand, showed it to them as they are having deer problems as well. Probably my fault for bringing in the seed holders at night, forcing the deer to look elsewhere. 

We went out for a stroll but did not go far although we did cover our customary half mile before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. 

I sat and wrote as I ate waffles and the all-important coffee and read about the world and all its problems. I did not receive a single personal email which is OK for at least as the saying goes, “no news is good news” as most of what I get is junk and trashed immediately.  
As I was sitting there, a knock on the door told me that Daniel and Jeff were standing outside, I went out and for once, was able to give Daniel something instead of the other way around. He needed 3-inch wood screws and I happened to have some. Of course, he had to dig through my disorganized storage box to find them… 

They went on their way to work at the swimming pool, and I went back inside to the blog. I caught up with everything and then discovered to my horror that I had managed to post a couple of blogs out of order. There was nothing I could do to rectify it except to offer my apologies to the few faithful readers that I have. Nothing really changed except I manipulated the calendar intermingling May and June posts in the wrong places. Stupid me. 

Caught up with the blog and still angry at myself for being so careless, I looked around for something else to work on. There is really not a lot required in the way of housekeeping, living in an RV. The occasional sweeping and dusting usually covers most of it. 

There are the regular chores like washing dishes and such. About every two weeks there is the odd load of laundry, which is usually just a question of load, add detergent, let it start to fill and add bleach and then forget about it until the wash cycle is complete. Then I add the Gain scented sheets to help it be wrinkle free, to the dry cycle and an hour and a half later, take it out, fold and put it away. 

There are other settings I could use but I would still have to remember to keep an eye on things to know when to add the Gain sheets. By doing the cycles separately, I do not need to keep track to add the smelly things as I know they go in the last cycle. 

I had bought a new plant to replace the rose bush that had not made it. This was not due to the deer as it had just not taken off. When we got back from yet another walk, I planted it in the same spot as the dead rose and while I was in the mood weeded the garden and did a few other outside chores. The dogs were tied to the picnic table and watched as I worked. 

We stayed outside and listened to an Audiobook, and it began to look like rain. I hooked the dogs back up and we took a quick walk about, stopping at the girls RV just to say hello. We continued around and managed to get in our customary mile and a bit before returning to The Caboose where I put the deck chairs inside and watched as it started to rain. This was just a gentle rain, the sort that sinks into the ground and does not run off the top of it. 

Later, after the showers had passed on, I went out and brought in all the birdfeeders and put them in the storage box and that was the end of the outdoor entertainment for the day. 

The rest of the time was spent in the usual fashion with the evening meal and television. 

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