The view in the distance. Notice the moon…

Again, I slept late, and it was almost 10:00 am when I rolled out of bed. I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour, for me that is, but I guess that sometimes, I need extra sleep for whatever reason. Blame it on old age. 

We harnessed up and then I tied the dogs up to the picnic table as I brought out the bird feeders, refilling them as needed before rehanging them in their usual places. With that taken care of, we went out walking the park stopping to say hello to anyone else we met along the way. 

Back in the RV, Malinda stopped by, and she showed me some tricks on the computer to get over some of the problems I had been having. That is one smart lady, and she seems to be able to turn her hand to anything and make it work. She understands the computer far better than I ever will. 

I thanked her profusely and she went back to do her usual Malinda thing and we sat down to play catchup, again. I worked on the blog but had a bit of trouble finding it on my computer. I installed the latest version of Microsoft Office and after fiddling around, wishing all the time that Malinda was here to help me, managed to get everything up and working, thank goodness. 

I wrote until I was caught up and posted up to date and then looked around for other things to get up to. Deciding that I was all caught up for the time being, we went out for another walk this time on the road towards Hwy 290 staying in the shade as much as possible. When we reached the point in the road where the shade no longer existed, we turned back to the RV where we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for a while. 

While I was sitting there, Malinda stopped by walking Remington and asked for more documentation. I invited them in and Remi immediately made herself at home. Malinda and I both worked on my computer looking for and eventually finding insurance information for The Caboose. She really is very adept on a computer and in the end, I just turned it over to her and she found what she was looking for. Something to do with the title for The Caboose. 

They both left, Malinda with the documents she needed and Remington with food in her belly from the treats she had found laying left around by my dogs. At least, I now have a copy of the insurance that I took out on the RV.  

As it was getting late, I had just started to bring in the bird feeders and while she was still here, Malinda took them down and then handed them to me so I could put them away. She really is the most helpful of ladies and I am pleased that I know her. I am so lucky to have found this campground. 
She went on her way, and we adjourned back inside The Caboose for the usual food and evening’s entertainment. 

Written 06/07/2023. Read my other blog at