I just love the beauty and artistic work that has gone into this wall. These stones are all dry stacked and no mortar to hold them together. A real work of art of days gone by. I wonder if there are any skilled trademen left who do this sort of thing
I got up early for a change and after the usual morning ablutions, we went out walking the park. It was already in the mid 80’s and looked like it was going to be another muggy day. We saw a couple of other campers out walking but generally, it was quiet.  

Work was ongoing down by the swimming pool where Daniel spends a great deal of his time. He was away elsewhere yesterday, and Malinda had jumped in to help with painting the boards before assembly. 

We went back in after bringing out the bird seed units and had the usual breakfast and coffee. I sat and wrote in the blog keeping one eye on the weather as the forecast was a heavy thunderstorm approaching our way. As promised, the storm rolled in accompanied by lightning and of course thunder and torrential rain driven by fierce winds. It just fell out of the sky. Still, we were inside in the dry and it was cozy watching the storm and at least, we never got any of the promised 2-inch hailstones. 

I continued writing until I was all caught up and then looked around for other things to get up to. Yesterday, I finished going through the storage boxes which included the ones under the bed so technically, we have finished that chore. What is more, I still have storage space within the RV that has not yet been used. Most of it requires that I get out my small stepladder to reach the upper storage areas with me being so short (and getting shorter) … 

The rain finally eased off, but heavy showers were still in the forecast making it difficult to plan on doing anything outside. 

I completed and posted the blogs to bring us up to date. I am having trouble with One Drive and spent some time fiddling around blindly trying this and that before giving up and copying the files elsewhere. Guess, I will not be using One Drive to store my files for a while until I get it working properly. Computers, you either hate them or love them. There is no in-between. Maybe it is time to get my brand new one out of its box and set it up. Then again, setting up can also be a pain. 

We went out walking again just to get some fresh air. It was a bit muggy out with the recent rain showers and now the sun is beating down and we tried to take advantage of as much shade as possible. We walked the road leading towards Hwy 290 as it has the most shade in the afternoons and discovered a whole bunch of exotics out grazing. There were both deer and a pair of zebras, the most we have ever seen in one place. I took a whole bunch of pictures to work on later. 

We continued our walk to the end of the road and Hwy 290 before turning back to The Caboose. I had a couple of chores and then decided to go into town to the HEB store. I managed to find everything I wanted except for a couple of small items, and I had to go to Tractor Supply for them. I drove straight back to the park and with a lot of help, unloaded the groceries. 

After putting things away, we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook and drank a beer which went down extremely easy after my shopping experiences. It looked like it might come on to rain again and I brought folding the chairs inside to keep them dry. 

Just as it was getting dark, I went outside and took down the bird feeders and put them away. At least, I remembered to do that this time… 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion of food and television. 

Written 06/08/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Friday 06/09/2023

These are the sheep we see on our walks

I awoke early for the call of Nature and contemplated getting up but had nothing planned for the day and went back to bed. Big mistake as it was 10:00 am before I woke up and crawled out. It does not really matter as we had nothing planned. It will be a big shock to my body on Tuesday when I must be at the Vets by 8:00 am and it is an hour’s drive…Anything for the dogs though. 

We went outside and I tied them up so they could watch as I brought out the bird feeders and put them in their proper places and then we went out walking the park and the outside road. It was already bloody hot, and today’s forecast it will be in the mid 90’s. It will not be long before we hit the 100-degree mark. After all, this is Texas, and the hot weather is why we love it so. Yeah, right… 

We wandered around but it was too hot with very little shade to stay out too long, and we returned to The Caboose mostly to cool off in the A/C. I had a couple of indoor chores which included doing a load of laundry. I had put the machine on the wash mode when I got up and it was doing its thing while we walked and had breakfast. I kept an eye on it as we did other things but apart from the fact that the entire RV shakes when it is in spin mode, everything was just fine. I just love having my own washing machine and am worse than the proverbial old washerwoman except they did theirs by hand… 

I ate breakfast and had the all-important first coffee of the day although I did not need it to wake up as the morning walk did that for me. I ate an unappetizing Burrito and then turned my attention to the blog. The good thing about not having a whole bunch of followers is that I do not have to spend a lot of time responding to comments so that part moves along very swiftly. I really write to satisfy that artistic side of me and to keep my brain occupied. Still, I am very grateful to those that do take the time to read my blog even though it is very repetitious. Nothing very exciting happens in my life, thank goodness. 

I wondered what we could get up to today and nothing came to mind so I turned my attention to the blog, completing it as I brought it up to date. I posted the latest blog accompanied by the usual pictures.  
Looking around for something else to do, I dropped back on the old faithful of taking the dogs out walking around the park. It was so hot out that even the dogs were reluctant to walk very far so we headed back to The Caboose. There, we did our usual thing of listening to an Audiobook only this time, I drank a beer instead of the usual small bottle of wine. 

After a while, Daniel pulled up on his ATV and parked it on the grass and then sat at the picnic table and his first question was, “Where is the beer?”. Luckily, I had a couple of cans still in the fridge as he does not like warm beer. Me, I am British and am used to drinking beer that is cooled in a cellar naturally and not artificially although in the 56 years I have been here, I have adapted well and can drink it cold along with the best of them. Well, I used to. Not so much anymore as it takes less beer to get me lightheaded. Damned old age… 

When the first beer was downed and he wanted a second, we adjourned to his RV as he has a full sized refrigerator fully stocked with the stuff. Before going over, I took the dogs out for another short walk and then wandered across the road. 

We sat outside talking while Malinda was busy trying to find out why the refrigerator was leaking. In the end, Daniel joined her and between them, finally figured out the problem which was a blockage in the drain line. While all this was going on, I sat outside with Remington on my lap as we waited for them to complete the work. I would have helped if they needed me but there was nothing I could do. 

Finally, they successfully completed the project and sat back down to drink beer and chat. Daniel had a large steak cooking on his new Grill, and he left it for quite a while before declaring that it was time to eat. Malinda had brought out a bunch of fixin’s including Brussel Sprouts which I have not had in a while. 

We sat and chatted and enjoyed a very good meal with even better company until it was time for me to wander back to The Caboose. I took the dogs out for a short walk in the dark just wandering around the campground, which, incidentally, looks a lot different at night. 
Back in the RV, I fed the dogs and then we settled down to watch TV until it was time for bed. 

Written 06/09/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com