The deer missed this one…My first rose.

Another morning and a new day. We got up at a reasonable hour and went out walking the park. I had forgotten to charge my phone last evening and had to rely on the new Galaxy that I generally use just for taking pictures. I like to carry either one or both just in case something happens when we are out and about. Gotta be prepared. 

The dogs did not appear to be any worse for yesterday’s busy day and surgery as we wandered around covering our usual half mile before returning for breakfast. While I was sitting writing, there was another knock on the door and “The Girls” were standing there having brought over a desk chair they had offered me. I had jumped at getting a free office chair as I had been thinking that I needed to buy one. 

BJ and Peggy came in for a while and we sat and chatted catching up with each other’s news. They spent a lot of time making a fuss of the dogs who were all too willing to have someone pet them. I thanked them profusely for the new to me, chair and received an invitation to come over later and see their new furniture which I promised to do later in the day, around beer time! 

They left and I went back to writing wracking my brain trying to remember yesterday’s events. My short-term memory really is getting bad, and I virtually have to relive things in order to remember the details although days like yesterday tend to stick as it was full of events and worry. 

I brought the blog up to date by posting the past couple of days along with pictures I have taken and then looked around for other things to do. I had a couple of household type things and spent some time working on them. 

The weather has been warming up and the outside temperature was hovering close to 95 degrees. On the other hand, the A/C was working just fine, and I was not inclined to go outside unless absolutely necessary. 

Daniel stopped by to invite me over for ice cream in the Break Room, and I wandered over to discover, The Girls and Malinda already there plus of course Daniel. We all got our helping of peach cobbler and ice cream and sat and talked for a couple of hours. Incidentally, when the ice cream was gone, we started in on Mango Margaritas and Banana Coladas and sat drinking and spinning yarns for a couple of hours. 

While we were in the Break Room, Daniel spotted a deer heading towards the bird feeders and frightened it off. This in broad daylight.They sure are bold… or hungry. 

Eventually, the party broke up and we each went our separate ways. I took the dogs out for just a short walk about before returning back to The Caboose for the evening meal, the cobbler and ice cream long gone from my system. 

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