I slept very soundly only awakening for the call of Nature and dropping straight back to sleep. It was 9:30 am before I finally crawled out to face the day, ready or not. We did our usual walk about but not going very far as it was already hot out. Sandy walked under a parked car and flopped down in the shade, so I knew we should not stay out long. I really need to change my habits and become a morning person so we can get out while it is still comparatively cool. All I need to do is to stop watching midnight television and go to bed around 10:00 pm or even earlier. Maybe tomorrow… 

I set out the bird feeders as soon as I got outside and before we went walking. While I was out there, I sprayed the different plants and rose bushes that the deer like to eat in the hope of deterring them or at the very least, maybe giving them indigestion. 

By the time we got back from our walk, it was already 88 degrees and going to be another scorcher. Summer is well and truly here in my part of Texas. Again, we have no plans for today and will just play it by ear as we usually do. Unless something important comes up, most of today will be in the A/C somewhere. 

I had a quick breakfast, this time one of the very small pizzas that I thought I would try for a change, which incidentally was all thick crust and very little topping. Remind me not to buy that brand again… 

Then I settled down to catch up on the blog after the usual perusal of world and local news. Gotto stay in touch with the world even if the news is sometimes either sad, bad or downright horrible. 

I spent a couple of hours writing the blog and posting the latest which brought us up to date, thank goodness. Otherwise, I would spend an hour just trying to remember what we did yesterday. My short-term memory is going to hell in a handbag. 

Then we sat for a while on the couch with a dog on each side contemplating everything and nothing at the same time. I tried to doze off but every time I had my eyes closed, all I could feel was Sandy’s cold nose poking me to give her more attention. Those women! 

We sat outside for a while, and I used my bino’s to watch them unload more of the stone blocks at the swimming pool. I thought about it and realized that if anyone saw me, they might think I used them to spy on other campers. Nothing is further from the truth as I have no interest in other people’s personal lives, no matter what. It is different if I am asked to help or volunteer my services, which nowadays, are limited but I would do for most anyone here at the campsite. 

It was getting late enough that I harnessed up my two little friends and we went out walking. It was still bloody hot, and the high today was 96 degrees with high humidity and 100 degrees forecast for the end of the week. Not very much difference in how hot we feel between one or the other. 

We were only out for a short time because I knew that both dogs are not comfortable out in this heat but they still gotta “go”. Daniel and Malinda were just finishing up working on her truck putting a tonneau cover on the bed and both were totally soaked in sweat from their activity. It did not help that they were working inside an un-air conditioned garage without even a fan to help move the air. 

I did not stay long as I could see they were both tired from their efforts and we finished our walk, which was not very long. We are having trouble covering our minimum of a mile a day in this heat and we were glad to get back inside to the A/C. We had only been out for a very short while and it is the humidity that is making it so uncomfortable. 

I sat around not doing much of anything except thinking about life in general, until it was time for the last short walk of the day. When we got back, I brought in the bird feeders and put them in their usual safe place, and we adjourned inside for the evening. 

All of my good intentions of going to bed earlier went out of the window when I got engrossed in a movie and watched it to the end. Oh well… 

Written 06/15/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Friday 06/16/2023

Henly RV Park, Home Sweet Home.

I awoke earlier than normal as my original plan I suggested yesterday, which was a good thing. The only trouble was, I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Still, I was up before 9:00 am which is a start. That damn bed is so comfortable first thing in the morning and the dogs are no help as they are just snoring their foolish heads off with no intention of getting up. 

It was already hot when we went out and I chose to walk the road leading to Hwy 290 as it has shade early in the morning. Sandy was not her usual busy sniffy self-charging ahead as she usually does so we cut the walk short and headed back to The Caboose. Mikey was all for it as energetic as he can be, he only walks because I make him and if he does not go, Sandy gets me all to herself. 

We returned to the RV, and I put out the bird feeders, this time switching them around for a bit of variety. Actually, I am trying to get the birds to use all of them as they tend to use just a couple before the others and only go to them when the first ones have run out of seed. I also put out the deck chairs aptly named as it happens as that is where they sit, on the deck and then we went back inside.  

The dogs are on medications because of their Dentist visits, and I have been experimenting with trying to convince them to take their pills through various mixes of dog food, ham, pork and anything else I may have laying around. This morning, both dogs ate their food and the medication. Hooray. Incidentally, the medication is given twice a day although, I am lucky to get it to them just once a day. 

I settled down with coffee and a bacon sandwich in the hope that it would hit the spot. The coffee tasted OK, but the jury is still out on the bacon sandwich. Incidentally, the new coffee maker is already on the fritz as it will not heat the milk and make the froth for the latte. Guess I might be drinking the coffee either black or with plain milk, not frothed in the future. Oh well! 

I turned my attention to the blog but before that, looked at the world news which was as depressing as it usually is. It makes me sad that there are so many messed up people in this country and probably, in the world. 

Writing the blog gives me an opportunity to use my brain and my memory, things that we normally take for granted. Unfortunately, as we age, so does our brain and it gradually declines in things like memory and recall. I have a hard time remembering people’s names and I usually write them down later as soon as I do recall them. 

I posted yesterday’s writing which keeps me up to date and then looked around for other things to do. Not finding anything around the RV, I decided to go to HEB in Dripping Springs to get a few groceries. I really did not need that much but by the time I got out of there, I had spent almost $100.00. So much for “just a few things”. 

I drove straight home without stopping at Starbucks which has slipped very low in my list of favorite things. Way too overpriced and no longer tastes the same as it used to. When I got back, I was met by my two little friends all excited that “dad is back” as they stuck their noses in all of the plastic bags to enjoy the smells of whatever they held. In spite of their help, we managed to put everything away.  

Then I went out and watered the plants that were in containers on both sets of steps leading into The Caboose. I need to water the garden too, but I will wait until it is almost dark and a little cooler, not for me but to stop water evaporation. 

Back in the RV, I sat in front of the computer to catch up with the blog. After their first burst of excitement and activity, both dogs found their hidey holes and zonked off. What a life they have got. Still, mine is about the same but without the sleep during the day… 

The current temperature at 4:00 pm was 99 degrees and supposed to reach that 100 degree mark tomorrow. This is Texas after all and is hot in the Summer although this year, it has gotten much hotter much quicker than it usually does. Damn Global warming… 

I sat on the couch for a while with my eyes closed not asleep but really relaxed. I had a dog on either side who both took the opportunity to go to sleep.Then the phone rang, and it was Malinda telling me that I was late on coming over. I had not forgotten about the invite but had forgotten what time and thought it was for later. 

I walked over to Malinda’s RV and the “gang” was all there and this time Delores, fresh from her trip to Italy, had also joined us. Also, there were Lucas and Shyrl, the ones with the RV problems in an earlier blog. We sat around talking and exchanging stories and drinking beer, which incidentally, I nursed to make it last. I can’t drink like the others and do not try to keep up with them. 

We were sitting outside under canopies with a large fan blowing and as we chatted away. We sat on Malinda’s new patio furniture that she had got for her birthday as the thunderclouds rolled in, and it looked like rain. The food was cooked, it was packed in containers, and we all made a beeline for the Break Room.  

I made a quick detour back to The Caboose to let in the awning as I did not want any damage from the wind and/or rain and then headed back to the Break Room. 

The table was already laid, and we assembled around it. The couples sat side by side as expected, which left Gary and me as the oddballs and no, we did not sit next to each other. Gary sat next to The Girls with Malinda next to them, and I was squeezed in between Lucas and Delores. Daniel, of course, sat at the head of the table. 

The food was absolutely delicious, and the meat barbecued to perfection. I chose a small piece to go along with corn on the cob and other fixings and got to hear about it from Daniel who promptly placed another large chunk of meat on my plate. Don’t get me wrong, I like food, but I try not to eat too much even though the food is delicious. I can’t burn off the calories as I used to in years gone by, but at least I can control how much food I take in. 

For dessert, we had peach cobbler that Delores had made. It too was delicious, and as we were eating it, Delores told us the story of how she made it and had us all cracking up. This led to more stories all on the same theme to everyone’s amusement. 

I had another beer and as before, nursed it to make it last. We learned that Lucas, who is studying to be a Preacher, is leaving soon with his wife, to go to Oregon. Delores, who has just returned from a trip to Rome, told us some of her experiences which included nearly getting locked up for taking pictures in the Vatican. We sure do get to meet some very interesting people with some great stories. 

We noticed that Peggy had literally let her hair down which prompted another conversation as it came mid-way to her back. Personally, I thought she looked great with it down as it outlined her pretty face. 

The evening wore on and as usual, Gary was the first to leave followed by Delores who complained of feeling tired from her trip. This was the cue for the party to break up as we all went our own way back to our individual RV’s. 

It had still not rained but the lightning was crackling all around us and I took the chance, and we went out for a walk around the park, this time in the dark. The lightning was still sparkling, and I noticed that Delores had her awnings out as we walked by. I made a quick call to remind her that she might want to get them in until the storm has passed. 

We made one circuit around the park and then went inside for the evening although by now, it was 9:00 pm. I made the mistake of turning on the TV and did not get to bed until almost 12:30 am. So ended another fun day with good friends and acquaintances. 

Written 06/16/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com