This deer watched us as we walked by just on the other side of the fence. Finally, it turned and from a standing jump, leaped over the fence behind it which is all of 6 feet tall. Amazing…

I got up at a respectable time for me and we went outside to hang the bird feeders while the dogs watched. They are used to the morning routines and know they will go walking as soon as we are finished. We wandered around as we usually do, and I took the lane leading to Hwy290 as it had the best shade at that time of the day. Actually, of all the roads we walk, that one has the best shade at any time. It seems that most of the others are in a direct line with the sun or have very few trees to cast any shadows. 

Back in the RV, I fixed the usual breakfast and coffee for me and gave the dogs something to work on which of course, they totally ignored and then settled down in front of the computer full of good intentions to write the blog. Alas, the mouse would not cooperate and had given up on the ghost. I tried to write using the other methods of moving around the screen but quickly got fed up with it and closed the computer. 

Saying goodbye to the dogs, I jumped in the car and drove the 20 odd miles to the nearest Best Buy located in Bee Caves and bought a new mouse from the large selection available. Then I drove back to the RV and went back to work on the blog. The new mouse works just fine, I am happy to say. Maybe, I should get out the new computer which is still in its box to go along with the new mouse. Fresh start and all that… 

I wrote and caught up on the blog and posted yesterday after adding pictures and then looked around for something else to get up to. The outside temperature had already reached the 100-degree mark at 3:00 pm and is forecast to get as high as 102 degrees. Being outside is not very pleasant and is usually because of necessity like dog walking. They do not like it either. 

But, then again, this is Texas, and it is summertime. 

I sat on the couch with a dog on either side of me just contemplating the World. I even closed my eyes but had no intention of going to sleep. It was peaceful, just relaxing like that. After a while, something outside caught the dogs attention and the mood was broken. 

We went for another walk even though it was 101 degrees outside but did not stay out long. You would think that the dogs would be walking on the grass but surprisingly, they walk a lot on the blacktop even though the grass is right there. When we got back, we sat outside for a bit as the breeze was blowing under the awning making it a bit cooler. 

My next door neighbor, the one that has the little Maltese, stopped by and we chatted for a bit. By then it was getting late, so I brought in the bird feeders and put them away and we went back inside of The Caboose for the usual evening’s food and entertainment. My life is pretty repetitious, and some people would find it boring. To me, it is just plain relaxing… 

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