The nights are warm enough that the A/C runs off and, on both day, and night. I am a hot sleeper and often wake up because my body temperature is way too high. Then the A/C comes on and I gratefully enjoy the cool air as it blows on me. Of course, the situation is not helped by Mikey who likes to cuddle up against me. Sandy, not at all as she gets too hot herself. Summertime in an RV in Texas.  

I was up at a reasonable hour and the first thing that we did was to rehang the bird feeders, replenishing them as necessary from the new 25lb bag of food I had bought. With that important chore out of the way, it was time to take that first walk. 

We wandered around and again took the road leading towards Hwy 290 because of the shade it offered. There was a large herd of deer in the Exotic Park in the distance, but they took off when we approached, and I was not able to get any pictures. We continued our walk trying to stay in the shadows before returning to The Caboose. 

I watched as Daniel and Malinda expertly drove out the bus and then hooked the Jeep to it. They are spending the weekend at Bastrop LCRA Park. Lucky them as it is a very nice place to stay. They have their canoes on top of the Jeep, and it will be very quiet here without them. 

I continued writing the blog trying to stay up to date as recall is nowadays, a problem. Guess I am plain getting old. I received a call from my Vet’s to say they had an Emergency and could I please change my appointment until a bit later. Of course, I agreed and now we were scheduled for 3:00 pm. 

This time, I allowed plenty of time to get there and as I neared their location, I happened to glance at the fuel gauge in the Jeep and it said I had 30 miles of gas left in the tank. I knew it was getting low but of course had forgot about it and then left it too late to gas up on the way going in. 

Hoping that we would not run out, I pushed forwards with one eye on the clock and the other on the fuel gauge and finally pulled into the Vet’s parking lot on time.  

We were there for about 45 minutes as Dr Varga, the Vet, took them off one by one to examine them following their surgery of a week ago. When he returned, he said that Sandy’s tests on the growth showed it was non-malignant but that she will need to take the large pills for the rest of her life. They are for her heart murmur. Both dogs teeth removal had healed nicely. 

We left the clinic and jumped back in the car and started it up. With the gas gauge now showing empty, I stopped at the first gas station which was only 100 yards up the road and filled the Jeep, breathing a huge sigh of relief that we had not run out of gas. Incidentally, because of not being more observant and prepared, I paid top dollar for the gas.

We drove home with both dogs squeezed on my lap as they usually are and with no more stops to make along the way, made the trip in about a half hour. Back at the RV, as we were already harnessed up, we went out for a walk around the camp ground. As far as I could tell, there were no new arrivals or departures. 

I put the dogs inside of The Caboose and then walked back over to the girls RV and knocked on the door to be met by BJ telling me to “Come in” which I did. This was the first time that I had been inside of their rig, which was very nice indeed. It had a large living area and they had replaced the two original couches and the armchair for new ones. Apparently, the original ones were showing wear and tear.  

We sat and chatted for a while about the rig and the people here in the park while drinking a beer. We all had the highest of praises for Malinda and Daniel and the help they have been to us here at the park. We talked about the interesting group that we have become which included Delores and Gary and sometimes, other campers who stopped by like our most recent additions, Lucas and Shyrl. They had some interesting stories of their own to share. 

Peggy brought out some snacks and we chatted and munched on them as we continued with our conversation. I had a second beer and finally, decided that I should get back before it was dark. Bidding my farewells and getting a hug from “The Girls”, I walked back to the RV, harnessed up the dogs and we went out taking the final walk of the day. 

Back in The Caboose, we sat outside listening to an Audiobook and watching the world go by. Another of my neighbors passed by and then stopped and came back. She was interested in the story I was listening to having recognized the Narrator. We chatted for a bit before she moved on. 

I brought in the bird feeders for the night to keep them away from the deer. I also got out my spray bottle of deer repellent and sprayed the plants that the deer pay special attention to before going back inside of the RV. 

Once inside, I fed the dogs and then myself before settling down to watch the usual television. 

Written 06/23/2023. Read my other blog at