We crawled out at a reasonable hour and went out to walk around the campground. I let Sandy lead us to wherever she wanted to go and like the good little followers that we are, wandered blindly along behind her. We passed the girls’ RV and Peggy stuck her head out just to say hello. Back in The Caboose, I got out the bird feeders filling those that needed it, and then we went back inside for the usual breakfast and coffee. 

I sat in front of the computer for the world news and, finding it both repetitious and boring, moved on to other things. We have no plans for the day which is true of most of my days… 

I completed yesterday’s offering and posted it and then started today. As nothing much had yet happened, I was quickly caught up. I got thinking about the dogs and the pills that I am struggling to give them, and I received an email from my Bastrop BJ friend with exactly the thing I was looking for. These are little chewies made to take most medication and then the top gets folded over. The plan is that the dog thinks it is chewy and gobbles it down without realizing that the dreaded pill is wrapped up inside. 

I looked it up online and it said that Walmart’s should have them and without further ado, I said goodbye to the dogs, jumped in the car and headed to the nearest Walmart’s at Brodie Lane. I was in luck as they had two different packages left of what I was looking for. Different in the sense of flavors. Knowing how fussy my dogs are, I bought both packets. Incidentally, these were the last two left on the shelf. 

I had a couple of other groceries to pick up and then drove back to Henly the back way which just happened to take me by Starbucks. I grabbed an Iced Latte and a piece of walnut cake and then continued driving the back way home just for a change. 

The drive was uneventful, and I arrived back to my little helpers, who as usual, were more in the way than of being any actual help. Still, their little noses were going a mile a minute with the tempting smell of Fried Chicken. I had bought a whole precooked chicken which always smells much better than it tastes, and I put it in the fridge for later. 

As it happens, I have a dinner date with the girls this evening, along with a few other friends at the Break Room. I should probably use a different word other than “date” as that conjurs up a different meaning and can be construed as something heart wrenching and in my case, life threatening. I have not been on a “date” in so many years that I probably would not know how to react. It’s a sure thing that I would make a fool of myself. 

We sat outside listening to an Audiobook and then I received an email from Peggy, telling me to come over to the Breakroom. I put the dogs back inside and wandered the 50 yards over to be greeted by BJ, Peggy and Gary who were already there. This time, there were only the four of us as Delores was visiting family and of course, Daniel and Malinda had left on their weekend trip to Bastrop. 

The girls had prepared ribs with all the fixin’s and we sat and chatted as we enjoyed the food. I refused the offer of a beer preferring to drink water this time around. Incidentally, I was literally forced to get a second helping with dire threats to my body unless I complied. Being the coward that I am, I went back for seconds but restricted how much I put on my plate. 

For dessert, we had homemade peach cobbler with ice cream. When we have these get togethers, I eat in one meal, as much as I usually eat in 3-4 meals in my RV. Sometimes I wish I was a camel so I could store the food I eat in my hump to be used as needed. Incidentally, I have gained 4 lbs. and eaten more meat in this past year and if I keep hanging around with this group, that number will go up and up and up…. Still, a small price to pay for such wonderful company and I really only need to walk more.

Around 8:30 pm, the party broke up mainly because I needed to walk the dogs and for myself, walk off some of the food. We wandered around for a while before returning to The Caboose for the rest of the evening’s entertainment. 

Written 06/24/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com