We have not seen any Zebras in a while.

I got up at a reasonable hour for me and the first thing on the agenda was to take the dogs out walking. Before that, I rehung all the bird feeders, filling those that needed it. 

I spotted Daniel and Gary sitting outside of the breakroom and let go of the leash. Sandy dragged Mikey over to meet them although Mikey was a bit reluctant and kept looking back at me. I tried to reassure him it was OK and eventually he allowed Daniel to make a fuss of him. 

We sat and chatted for a couple of minutes and then went on our way to the dumpster to drop off today’s offerings. It was already warming up and we did not stay out long. 

I knew that I had a 1:00 pm appointment with the Audiologist in Dr Bittars’ office and kept one eye on the clock as I worked on the blog. Even then, I was a little late when I arrived and made my apologies to Lisa. She blew it off and we went back to her little closet of an office to go over what hearing aids I was about to buy. 

I had several decisions to make, stay with the same type ones that I have or get those with Bluetooth capabilities. Should I get battery driven or rechargeable ones? There were a few other offerings and eventually, I had a pair picked out. 

Then came the fun part as far as I was concerned. Lisa had to make ear impressions so that the new ones would be a snug fit in my ears, and we even had a discussion over that as they too came in sizes. The more” stuff” they were capable of doing, the bigger the unit. 

She had the usual problem with my left ear that Dr Bittar had when he cleaned them, and I had to signal Lisa to stop a couple of times as she worked on it as I would suddenly start sneezing for several uncontrollable sneezes. 

She eventually finished making the casts which would be the foundation of the hearing aids and by then, I had made up my mind as to what to actually order in regard to bells and whistles. Incidentally, I decided to stay with the battery driven ones just in case the rechargeables would go out when were out and about. Even though it is a nuisance to change batteries, that is better than trying to find a recharge station and waiting a couple of hours. 
She finished her work and gave me a bill for a deposit on some of the cost and I gave her a check for $2500.00 dollars which is approximately half the cost of the new aids. The rest due on receipt of them as long as they are satisfactory. Incidentally, I have had the “old” set since 2009 meaning that they are all fourteen years old. No wonder they need replacing. Oh yes, you can only insure them for the first three years of service. 

I thanked her and got out of Dr Bittar’s office and went back to the car. I started to drive back when I remembered that I had mail that I needed to pick up at Far West Blvd. I did a quick about turn and noticing a large traffic jam in front of me, changed routes to bypass the mix up and eventually arriving at PostNet. 

I only had four pieces of mail but one of them, I had been waiting for. I will be glad when the campground finishes up the mail boxes they have been building after finally working out a delivery system with GPO to the Park. We are still a month or more away from that actually happening. Then of course, it will be up to every individual to notify the many organizations and such that we each belong to. It will be nice to have a permanent address, again, and not have to rely on a mailbox system or imposing on a friend to use their address. 

I thought about stopping at Walmart’s on the way home but did not really need anything special and so made the drive straight back to Henly, where I was met by two very excited little dogs. 

We did not have any groceries to unload and so I quickly harnessed them up for a quick walk about. It was very hot, over 100 degrees outside, so we did not stay out very long. We did get in our minimum of a mile walking, just… 

Back in the RV, I sat down in front of the computer and wrote catching up with today’s blog. We went out for one more short walk later in the evening and then sat outside under the awning, which, although still hot, was bearable. 

Written 06/27/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com