One curious deer..

I heard a knock on the door which got the dogs barking but when I peered out of the window, there was no one there. Good thing too as I did not have any clothes on, as I could not find my shorts. I noticed that Daniel and Gary were sitting by the breakroom and as I had decided that I was going to stay up, dressed and then we made our way over to meet them. Daniel made me coffee and we sat and chatted about all kinds of things.  

Both said that they had not knocked on the door this morning so whoever it was stays the “Mystery Person”. We sat there drinking coffee and tried hard to solve the world’s problems which included having a discussion on the merits of rechargeable versus battery operated hearing aids.  

I told them I had ordered battery operated units and they convinced me to get rechargeable ones instead. By some very strange coincidence, I received a call from Lisa, Dr Bittar’s Hearing Aid Specialist while we were sitting there. I took the opportunity to change the order to rechargeable units. Talk about luck. 

Gary left and Daniel went back to work, and the dogs and me went back to the RV to hang out the bird feeders before continuing our walk around the park. It was beginning to warm up but was not unbearable. There is something to be said for getting up early. Maybe, I will change my lazy habits as it definitely is much cooler. 

We did not see anyone else out and about as we walked but today is a working day so those that had a job had probably already left. 

I sat inside and worked on the blog after reading the World News. Nothing new there. Sam ole same ole. With the blog up to date, I looked around for something else to get up to. 

I turned my attention to the RV and made some calls as I tried to get an Extended Warranty on it. I had no luck with the calls and was told that I could not insure the unit as it is a Park Model, which incidentally, they could not even find the brand name while looking for details. 

Malinda came by as she had been tracking down some other things and I mentioned not getting insurance on the rig. She jumped on it at once and first called the Good Sam company, the ones that had Liability Insurance, and questioned them as to why they would not insure the rig. They claimed that they do not insure park models which mine is even though mine can be towed.  

She hung up and searched around for other insurance companies that did cover stationary RV’s and found three of them. The first was way too expensive and so she tried no 2 and spent fifteen minutes talking to the Agent. Bottom line is that the rig is now insured for 7 years and includes every part of the RV. I chose the payment choice because of my age as I might not last long enough to see the end of the policy. I will be 95 years old in 7 years’ time. I hope that I defy all the odds and do see the policy out but only if I have all of my faculties. 

Gary stopped by to chat to Daniel and there were four of us grouped around the table. Five if you count Remington. My dogs were up on the porch but were still enjoying the added company. 

Eventually, all three left to go about their business, Malinda with my grateful thanks ringing in her ears. She is such a helpful lady as are both Daniel and Gary. They are definitely not ladies, but you know what I mean… 

I came inside in the cool although it is only 99 degrees out and not forecast to go any higher. Still, even that is hot. The dogs who had been on the porch the entire time, were glad to get back in the cool as did I. It was nice just to sit and write, catching up with the blog rather than be messing about in the hot sun. 

It was a day to spend indoors which we did only going outside out of necessity which included the afternoon walk. We managed to cover 1.3 miles even in the heat, for the day. 

I watched the US Women play Canada in the final of some cup or other. It was a good game and the US Women won on a penalty. I was totally frustrated by the two female, obviously American commentaters. They were so biased for the US in how they saw the game being played and it made me angry. The Canadians played good football just as the US did but you would not have thought so if yould only listened to their commentary and not view it. There should be a law that states that all commentaters must be neutral. 

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