Another view of the deer family with four fawns. I wonder if she is babysitting or if they are hers.

I am really on a roll about getting up early. I have even started to wake up on my own although I wait for the alarm before I actually get up. 

We went out for a walk with the first stop at the dumpster before returning for coffee with Daniel and Gary who were already at the breakroom. A little bit later, Remington joined us dragging Malinda along behind him. 

We set about solving the day’s most pressing worldwide problems and after we discovered they were probably more than we could handle, gave up and went our separate ways. 

I walked the park with the dogs, and we covered well over a mile on the first walk, which is a good start to the day. Back at the RV, I fixed them something to eat mainly to convince Sandy to take her medication which is mixed in with some good tasting treats in an effort to get her to eat the damn stuff. Today was a good day as she ate everything up. 

I sat and read the world news as I usually do before turning to the blog. I was busy writing when I received a text telling me to come on over to the Breakroom for lunch. This was an impromptu gathering strictly to try to finish up the food left over from yesterday evening’s meal. I dropped what I was doing and wandered over. The girls and Daniel and Malinda were there, and I went about the business of filling my plate with leftovers. 

I had a hard time convincing them that I had enough food as they were encouraging me to go back for seconds and even thirds . For one thing, I am not used to eating at midday anymore and my food usually includes breakfast and the evening meal and not much else unless it is one of those parties, like last night. 

I successfully warded off their attempts at fattening me up but did allow myself a piece of peach cobbler which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

When the meal was finished, Daniel and I went about the business of filling propane bottles, including my own. All I did was unload the empty bottles for him to fill and then put them back in his runabout for delivery. He did most of the work on the delivery end and I unloaded the filled bottles and handed them to him. I think he is afraid that I cannot lift weights and might either injure myself or plain drop dead. 

He dropped me back off at The Caboose and went about his business and I headed back indoors to the cool A/C to work on the blog. 

I was looking around for something else to do and remembered that I had a note from the Dry Cleaners telling me that my order was ready for pickup. I jumped in the Jeep and made the short trip to the Dripping Springs and picked up my goods. The Cleaners is found in the same building as Starbucks, but I did not feel like a Latte and did not stop. Like I said in an earlier blog, they just don’t taste the same anymore… 

On the way back, I stopped at Tractor Supply to find another plant to take the place of one of the potted plants that did not make it. First it flowered and then it died. It was not an Annual so should have lasted a bit longer at least. 

When I got back to The Caboose, we sat outside for a while until I got too hot. The wind was blowing a bit stronger, and I brought the awning in. Although I was still sitting in the shade, I had lost the wind tunnel effect created by having the awning out. We went back inside to the A/C to cool off. 

We went out for yet another walk before returning to the RV for the usual evening’s entertainment only this time, I found something light to eat having already feasted at lunchtime. 

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