I awoke just as the alarm was going off and took a quick shower before we headed out the door. The first thing was to refill all the bird feeders before rehanging them in their proper places. The birds barely wait for me to back off before they are on the feeders and eating up a storm. I can almost hear them yelling at me for not getting up earlier. 

We wandered around and then took the outside Loop heading towards the magnificent oak tree. It was shady most of the way, but we did have some areas where we were in the sun. There were other people out walking, some with dogs and others just striding it out alone. It was unusual to see that many people but then I remembered that it was Sunday. 

We headed back to the Breakroom and met Peggy who was walking Remington and Gary who had a cup of coffee waiting for me. We sat and chatted for a while. She and Gary left, and we walked back to the RV.

This time, I worked on the Hummingbird feeders and refilled all three of them after giving them a good cleaning. We adjourned back inside of The Caboose where I ate two tangelos and two bananas for breakfast along with another cup of coffee. At least, the fruit tastes good so maybe, I need to stick with it for a while. 

I turned my attention to the blog and caught up with yesterday and started on today. Time flies when I am writing and before long, I had caught up with today and finished posting yesterday and was looking around for something else to get up to. 

Not finding anything, I sat in the easy chair and before I knew it, dropped off to sleep coming to when Mikey started barking at someone who was knocking on the deck gate. I looked out and discovered Peggy with yet another food offering which I gratefully accepted. She went on her way, and I took that as a cue to go out walking again. 

We wandered around for a bit, but Sandy was not into it, and we returned to The Caboose. By now, it had cooled off quite a bit and there was enough of a breeze to sit outside and continue listening to the Audiobook. 

We stayed there until the light began to fade and then I brought in the bird feeders, which for us, is generally the last outside chore of the day. Back inside, the evening was spent in the usual fashion with the evening meal and then watching the TV. I really got into a series I was watching, and it was almost 1:30 am before I went to bed. 

Written 07/09/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com