I beat the alarm as I managed to get out of bed before it even went off. Only 5 minutes but still, that is a big achievement for me. Incidentally, neither dog gets up when I do both staying on the bed. Only when he hears the toilet seat go down does Mikey get up as he knows that he has me cornered and I can’t go anyplace else.

That way, he gets a load of attention and does not have to compete with Miss Sandy who always stays in bed until the very last minute. Usually, just in time to have her harness put on. 

The first thing are the bird feeders which I bring out and hang in their proper places. Then, usually with a bag of garbage, we head to the dumpster and dispose of it. This morning was no different and after making a circle around the Commons, we ended up at the Break Room. 

Gary, Daniel and BJ were already there and as I joined them; a cup of hot coffee was thrust into my hands even before I sat down. Everybody made a fuss about the dogs who both lapped up the attention and then we settled down and went ahead to solve the World problems for the day. 

Soon, we were joined by Malinda who was walking Remington. He was on his lovable best behavior as he greeted us and Mikey and Sandy. We sat and talked for a while and then Peggy joined us as she had been looking for BJ. We chatted for a while longer and then the party broke up as we went our separate ways. 

We continued with our walk as we still had shade and headed towards Hwy 290. There were no exotic or even regular wild deer to be seen. Back in The Caboose, as I had already drunk two cups of coffee and not wanting any more, I found some fruit, bananas and tangelos to eat for breakfast.

Looking around for something to do resulted in concentrating on writing the blog to at least bring us up to date. A couple of hours later, the blog was finished for another day and again, I was looking around for other things to do. It was still only just 1:00 pm which meant that we had several hours to kill. 

It was way too hot to be outside in any way, shape or form although the concrete crew were working on the new swimming pool. I did not envy them one little bit as they had no shade whatsoever. The temperature was at least 102 degrees. 

We sat around indoors listening to an Audiobook for the next couple of hours until I deemed it had cooled down enough to take that walk That means instead of 103 it was down to 100 degrees, still bloody hot. We wandered around but we did not stay out very long as Sandy was uncomfortable. I found it hot too. Back at the RV, we sat around listening to the Audiobook again before the usual evening meal and television. 

Written 07/13/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com