The giant Live Oak tree.

I beat the alarm again and jumped out of bed raring to go all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well maybe not but I did get up straight away… The first thing was to harness the dogs and tie them up outside and then bring out the bird feeders to fill and rehang. One of my neighbors stopped by to say he was moving on and to give me a 20lb bag of bird seed which was very nice of him. I thanked him profusely and he went on his way.  

We went out to walk in the park and wandered around for a bit. We hit the outside road leading to Hwy 290, but Sandy was not into walking, and we turned round and headed back to the Break Room where Delores was doing her laundry. I made coffee and we sat outside chatting to pass the time while her laundry was being done. 

Then it was time to move on and I tried the walking thing again and we did manage to make the loop around the park before returning back to The Caboose for breakfast.  I looked around for something to eat and settled on toast and sardines which I had not had in a while. I am sure that my Bastrop BJ will get a kick out of that. 

Then it was time to read the World news and work on the blog. My life is very repetitious with not much changing from day to day. I could almost repost yesterday’s blog today as there is very little difference. In fact, it is a big thing if something, anything is different. 

When I am out of things to do, I generally turn to listening to an Audiobook and can spend a couple of very happy hours doing so. I try not to take a nap although that temptation is always there. For some reason, I consider napping as wasting time… 

The time slowly passed and then we went out for another walk. Again, Sandy was uncomfortable, and it was obvious that her heart was not in it so the walk was very short before returning to the RV. It had cooled off a little bit and there was a bit of a breeze so we sat outside and listened to more of the Audiobook. 

We adjourned back indoors for the evening meal for all of us, different for the dogs than for me, of course and then watched television until it was time for bed. I even made the effort to get to bed earlier and made it by 11:00 pm. 
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