The horses next door.

I awoke early and the aches and pains that I had yesterday were gone, although my thumb was still a bit sore. Still, I do not walk with my thumb, so we went to bring out the bird feeders. It was early enough to be cool, and I heard a shout from the Break Area and saw Daniel waving a cup of coffee at me. 

Finished with the bird seed, our next stop was the dumpster and then the Break Room where we sat talking with Daniel for at least 30 minutes or more. I got to hear about their recent trip which was a Work/Vacation trip at the Boss’s house. Then Malinda came over walking Remington and gave him to Daniel as she had to go into town.

That broke up our coffee break and I took the dogs out for another short walk before returning to The Caboose. Back there, I fixed my breakfast and some for Sandy to which she promptly turned up her nose. It is a bit of a worry as I cannot get her to take her medication.

I have even resorted to pretending to be mad at her and that did not work as all she did was go hide somewhere until she figured it safe to come out of hiding and rejoin the group. Guess I will need to talk to the Vet about the problem.

I worked on the blog although there is not a great deal to report that was different than yesterday. The high spot for yesterday was the trip into HEB in Dripping Springs. Hell of a thing when the high spot for the day was a trip into a grocery store. Say’s a lot about my life. 

The rest of the day was a mixture of sitting around, nodding off to sleep, more sitting around and finally walking the Park. The only good thing was that not once did I turn the TV on, tending more to the Audiobooks which I suppose are as bad but listening instead of watching.

Either way, I am not doing much of anything, productive. We sat outside until it was getting dark. I had brought the big fan out and it did a good job of keeping us cool. I must have dozed off as the next thing was almost 11:00 pm. I had not bothered to eat and instead made my way into the bed and immediately falling off to sleep again. 

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