A Painted Bunting at the bird feeders.

I awoke before the alarm and got out of bed immediately. I took a quick shower and with a complete change of clothes, was ready to face the day, sort of. The first thing was to harness up the dogs so they could “help” me with the bird feeders and with this chore complete, we went out walking. We did not go very far as Daniel was sitting at the Break Room and had coffee waiting for me. 

I dropped off the usual trash in the dumpster and took the long way around the Break Room before ending up where Daniel was sitting and gratefully accepted the coffee. We sat there chatting and Malinda and Remington joined us to add to the conversation. They are getting ready to go out on a trip and taking the bus with them this time. 

A couple of campers were doing their laundry and they too stopped to chat with us as they went in and out of the Laundry Room. Finally, I got up to continue with our walkabout. We just wandered around and again walking the Loop to Hwy 290 mostly because it has shade. 

Back at the RV, I caught up on world events and then worked on the blog for a couple of hours to bring us up to date. I cannot believe just how fast this month is slipping away. 

I completed the blog and posted the latest version and then took care of a couple of chores before starting a load of laundry. This time, I made sure that the detergent pellets were deep inside the machine with no fear of them getting stuck to the door as what happened in the previous wash. I also made sure that the drain hose was open outside so that the water would flush away. It wouldn’t matter too much if I did the laundry with the drain closed but there is always the chance of flooding the RV if the tanks were to overflow. Simplest and safest thing is to open the grey water valves and let it flow down the sewer.

I thought about going into town on a grocery run but decided against it as I really did not need anything important. In the end, I resorted to listening indoors to the Audiobook story that I have been following for a couple of hours before we harnessed up to take another walk. 

It was very hot out with the temperature hovering around 102 degrees so we picked the road with the most shade and wandered along it. As much as is possible, Sandy guides where we are going to walk. Occassionally, I need to correct her to keep us on somewhat of a straight line or in the general direction we want to go. Mikey? Well Mikey is like me just following along at Her Majesty’s bidding. 

When we got back to the RV, we sat outside with one of the big fans blowing on us which made it more bearable and continued to listen to the Audiobook until the sun started to go down. That was the signal to bring in the bird feeders once more otherwise, the deer will empty them…again. Incidentally, the deer are still eating at the other plants that I have growing even though they are sprayed with Deer Away. It does not seem to stop them. 

Back indoors, I prepared the evening meal for all of us hoping to fool Sandy into eating her pills. This was followed by the usual evening’s entertainment and watching the end of yet another series. Now, I must find something else to watch. 

Written 07/21/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com