I was awake before the alarm and rolled out of bed ready to go, sort of. After the usual morning ablutions, I harnessed up the dogs and as they usually do in the mornings, they helped to get the bird feeders set up for another day. Actually, they do not do very much except sit there and watch… 

With the feeders out, we set off walking around the park and onto the outside road. It was early enough that there was a lot of shade, and it did not matter where we went. There was not much activity in the park, but it was Saturday.

I saw a deer in the Exotic Ranch area and managed to get a picture of it but other than that, it was a quiet walk. Back at the RV, I fixed us breakfast and then called the Vet’s office as I needed to order more pills for Sandy. I had a long discussion with the Assistant on the other end about how best to give them.

I ate breakfast and worked on the blog as I usually do every morning although, generally speaking, there is not a great deal to write about. I lead a very dull and boring life. I decided to go into town first to the vets to pick up Sandy’s medication, which incidentally was not cheap as a month’s supply cost $104.00.

From the Vet’s, I went to the new HEB located in Oak Hill where I filled the Jeep up with gas at the ridiculously low price of $3.09 a gallon. Almost unheard of in this day and age. Then I went inside shopping.  

This is the first time I have been in this store as it has not been open for very long and it is humongous. I wandered around and bought the few things that I came in for and a couple of other items as well walking up and down every aisle. Incidentally, I managed to cover 2.4 miles for the day mostly in this store. 

At the checkout counter, the clerk asked me how many bags did I want. I thought she meant the reusable ones and said,” None”. That is what I got, exactly none, zilch, not a single bag. My groceries were put back into my cart just as I had first taken them out. I was so taken aback by this that I dumbly walked off pushing my cart to the car. I wish I had asked what the Clerk meant by the question instead of just saying “None”. 

I drove back to Henly contemplating just what had happened at the HEB store and wondering if this is what future shopping at HEB will be like. So, am I supposed to estimate how many plastic bags it will take for my groceries and then am I fixed to that amount? What happens if I underestimate? Next time I am in that store, I will ask the question. 

I bought a Latte to drink on the way home as I happened to pass a Starbucks and spent a little over $7:00 on a fancy iced drink. I have to say that I have supported Starbucks over many years, but their prices are getting quite ridiculous, and I think my Starbucks days are fast coming to an end. 

Back at the RV, I carried the individual groceries one by one onto the deck mumbling nasty things under my breath. The dogs did not understand it either as there were no bags for them to stick their noses in.

I put things away and then harnessed up the dogs for a walkabout. We wandered around the park, but it was very hot and humid outside and we did not stay out long or go very far.

Back in the RV, I sat and listened to an Audiobook nursing a beer until it was time to bring in the bird feeders. This is generally the last action of the day and at that point, we shut up shop and went back indoors for the evening meal and television. 

While we were sitting inside, there was a knock on the door and Peggy was standing there. I invited her in, and we sat on the couch talking. The reason for her visit was because she had not seen me out and about and was worried about me. I reassured her that everything was fine at our end, and we sat and chatted for a while before she got ready to go back to her RV. I offered to walk her back, but she would not hear of it and said “Goodnight”. 

Written 07/22/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Sunday 07/23/2023

I awoke early but instead of getting up, decided to lay around and before I knew it, had dropped back off to sleep. It did not matter very much as all my friends were away and there would be no one over in the Breakroom drinking coffee. 

I eventually crawled out and after a quick shower, felt ready to face yet another day. This started in the usual fashion with harnessing up the dogs and tying them to the table while I brought out the bird feeders refilling them as needed. 

With this chore done, I grabbed the small bag of trash and the dogs, and we wandered off to the dumpster. It was extremely hot and very humid, and the sweat poured off me as we tried to find shade to walk in.

Of all the hot mornings we have walked so far, today was the absolute worst. The sweat soaked me and both dogs were struggling so all we did was walk the small loop around the Breakroom and go back to the RV. Back inside the cool A/C, I quickly cooled off but as I was soaked with sweat, I needed a complete change of clothes and we had only been out about ten minutes. The humidity must have been very high.

We have nothing planned which is just as well judging by what we have felt so far. I fixed breakfast all around with Sandy having a special one to disguise her pills.

Then it was time to read about the World before turning my attention to the blog. As I was behind with completing yesterday’s blogs, it took quite a bit of hard thinking to remember what, if anything of interest, had happened. 

Finally, we were all caught up and I looked around for other things to get up to. Not finding anything needing my immediate attention, we sat around indoors listening to an Audiobook for at least a couple of hours sitting and relaxing. 

Time progressed and Sandy was giving me, “the look” meaning she had to go, and we harnessed up and braved the heat to wander around. We walked from shaded area to shaded area. A couple of times, Sandy just plonked herself down and refused to move for a couple of minutes. I took a leaf out of her book, and we headed back to The Caboose.  

We spent the rest of the day and the evening, inside in the A/C. I did come out later to water the flowers. 

Written 07/23/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com