Broad daylight and fifteen feet away from me and still has the nerve to eat the birdseed.

I got up even before the alarm went off and we harnessed up in the hope of beating the early morning heat. The first things though were to bring out the bird feeders after refilling them and then hanging them in their proper places. The dogs are used to this routine, and they patiently wait knowing that they will go walkies once the bird feeders are hung. 

We ran into Daniel and to his question, “Coffee”, I gave him the thumbs up, and we continued to the dumpster and then one loop around the Breakroom ending up meeting with Daniel. We sat for thirty minutes or so shooting the breeze before we continued our original walkabout. We had arranged that I would give him a hand installing a couple of fans in the Pump House and he texted me to say he was ready to start work.

We were halfway through our walk and made the return trip. I put the dogs in the RV and then made my way to the Pumphouse where Daniel already had the tools laid out. He did all the work and all I did was to pre-guess his tool requirements and such and try to have things in his hand when he needed them.

We installed two fans successfully and there was a noticeable difference in the temperature. Daniel considered that a job well done and that we had earned a coffee and we adjourned to the Break Room where we sat for a while just shooting the breeze. 

We went our separate ways as he had no more need of my help for today. I was glad to get out of the sun and back inside where it was a lot cooler. There, I fixed myself breakfast which by then had become lunch and the inevitable coffee and plonked down in front of the computer to catch up with the blog. I worked for a couple of hours on the blog and happened to look out of the sliding glass door.

Normally, I see the bird feeders in the forefront and then the park in the background. This time nothing had changed to what I usually see except, there was a full-grown deer munching happily away on the bird seed. I had enough presence of mind to take a couple of pictures before scaring it off.

The park must have been quiet enough for the deer to come in. I don’t mind sharing the seed, but the deer tend to gobble it all down which is why I do not want them eating the stuff. That was one brave (or hungry) deer. 

I looked over to the breakroom and saw that both Daniel and Malinda were there along with Kerry. I sat outside of the RV for a while with the dogs so that they too could have some fresh air before bringing them back inside. Then I wandered over and joined the group and we sat and chatted for a couple of hours.

I harnessed up the dogs and we wandered around as we usually do not staying out for too long as the temperature was hovering around 102 degrees. Back at the RV, I fed the dogs and myself and then we watched another show, having finished the last one before heading off to bed. 

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