Broad daylight in the park.

I was up early enough to catch the gang over in the Breakroom. This time, it was Daniel, Malinda and Gary. We sat around for a while chatting away before Daniel got up to go to work. Something to do with the Internet and was way beyond my pay grade. 

I took that as my cue to leave as there was nothing, I could do to help him with this project, and we walked around the park. It was pleasant out with a nice breeze, but I could feel the heat starting to build. Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and wonders never ceased, Sandy ate hers and took the Medicine. At two dollars a pill, she needs to eat the damn stuff and not waste it. 

I decided to go into town to Far West where my mail is located hoping that at the same time, I could get the mail redirected here in Henly to save the drive. The drive in was uneventful however, my intentions of getting it redirected turned into a bust as I must do that online. 

Muttering under my breath, I jumped into the Jeep and drove South on Mopac to the Walmart’s that I often visit. There, I wandered around the store and found all that I wanted. I was at the Wild Bird section and a lady asked if I could move my cart so she could get to the bird seed. Rather than move, I opted to load two of the 25lb bags into her cart at her direction only for her to say that she really needed one of the 40lb bags instead. By then, I was in the swing of loading stuff and grabbed the 40lb bag and replaced the two 25lb bags with it. She thanked me profusely and I just grinned as if to say, “No problem, I do this all the time for old ladies”. Actually, I was just showing off my muscles although I would have looked a complete idiot if I had been unable to pick up that 40lb bag. Suitably impressed, she moved off and I grabbed the 5lb bag that I was originally getting for myself and checked out.

I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and made do with a Grande iced Latte which was half the price of the fancy drink I made the mistake of buying a couple of days ago. The drive was uneventful, and I took the backway as it is usually much less traffic and made good time.

Back at the RV, both dogs helped with the few groceries I had bought and then I settled down to play catch up with the blog. We went out for a walk around the park trying hard to stay in the shade.

When we got back, we sat on the deck listening to an Audiobook and drinking a beer. The girls waved at me as they walked to Malinda and Daniels RV. I thought about joining them and decided that I had not been invited and did not want to gate crash the party or be that unwelcome and uninvited guest. 

We sat outside until it began to get dark and then I brought in the bird feeders, and we adjourned back indoors for the rest of the day. 

Written 07/25/2023. Read my other blog at