The view down the hill.

I awoke before the alarm and was wide awake and ready to get up, sort of. This was followed by the inevitable hanging of the bird feeders and then the mandatory first walk of the day. Our normal routine was to visit the trash containers carrying our small bag of trash and then continue our walk from there, usually back around the Commons Building to where the guys are sitting, if they are out there, that is.  

This morning, Gary, Malinda and Daniel were all sitting and talking, and we joined them making sure to make a fuss of Remington when we arrived.  Daniel had a cup of coffee waiting for me and we sat for 30 minutes or so before leaving to continue our walk 

This is not true of every morning as sometimes, either of the three have other business that takes them away from this park and then, with no company to sit and chat with, I usually keep walking. Which is the reason we are out there anyway. 

We walked the park and then took the lane leading to Hwy 290 which usually is shaded, covering a little over a mile before returning for breakfast and that second cup of coffee. I sat and read the world news, nothing new there, and then worked on the blog. 

I posted yesterday and then worked on today. When I stop and think about my day and what to write about, I realize just how dull and boring my life must be to a lot of people. On a day-to-day basis, nothing much is different than the day before. The high parts are a trip into Dripping Springs to the HEB there or maybe the Home Depot for a couple of things.

If I really want to hit the big time, then I drive in to Far West in Austin to pick up my mail or to Walmart’s on the way home. Incidentally, the mail run trip to Far West will probably be a thing of the past as now that we have a permanent address here at the park, I can get my mail forwarded on. That means one less “exciting” trip in to town. 

I decided to do a load of laundry and went about the business of adding detergent and such after loading the washing machine. Then with it running, I turned my attention back to the blog. An hour and a half later, the wash was done, and I reset the machine to dry after adding a couple of the smelly sheets. 

I found other things to get up to although, to be truthful, there is not a lot in the way of daily chores that I need to worry about, and I find myself sitting on the couch with a dog on either side listening to an Audiobook more often than not.

I bought some chicken cutlets and put them to cook on the indoor grill that I have. I love that thing as all I do is load it, turn it on and then forget about it. The machine turns itself off when the meat is cooked. Now if it only cleaned itself as well…

I usually take it apart and put the grill parts to soak in the sink before trying to clean them. Incidentally, most of the meat cooked on that thing is to feed the dogs. I took the dogs out for another walk and again, because it was so hot, we did not stay out long or walk very far.

After I put the dogs back in the RV, I walked over to “the girls” RV following their invitation, and we sat inside and shot the breeze. I drank a couple of beers, well OK, three beers and ate some munchies and spent a very interesting couple of hours exchanging stories. They are a couple of fun and interesting people to be around. 

I walked back to The Caboose and took the dogs out for one more short walk just around the park before adjourning back indoors for the rest of the evening. I fed the dogs but did not have to feed myself except for an ice cream as the girls had given me sufficient food for my needs.

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