I got up a little earlier in time to wander over to the Breakroom and chat with the others over there. We solved all the world’s problems as we sat and talked before Daniel, Gary and Malinda left to work at the swimming pool and the Camp Internet. That left Peggy and me and we just looked at each other and got up to do whatever it was we had planned for the day.

In my case, it was to walk around the campgrounds with the dogs to get some exercise. We wandered around going here and there wherever Sandy directed us to go. My job is to point us in the general direction we need to walk and try to find shade as much as possible. Incidentally, I always have one eye on the ground where the dogs walk just in case we come across snake or other creepy crawlies. I have no wish to kill them but just to make sure we are out of their reach. 

Back at the RV, I fixed breakfast and coffee and then went on the usual Sandy challenge of taking her crushed up pill. No matter how I try to disguise the pill or how crushed it is, she either just eats around it or ignores the entire bowl of food. I turned my attention to the blog and caught up with yesterday and started on today.

I worked on the blog for a couple of hours which included the pictures. Not that I do very much to them anymore not like I used to when I was really into photography. My cameras have barely seen the light of day for a long time as I take most of the pictures with my iPhone or Galaxy.

I always have either or both of them with me and it saves lugging a camera around. I bought the Galaxy six months ago strictly for the camera and have yet to make or receive a phone call on it. Take that back as I have received junk calls on it which are at once trashed. How or where they got the number beats me as I do not even know it. I have it written down somewhere. 

After completing the few chores that I had to do, I sat around in the cool and listened to an Audiobook until Sandy reminded me that she had to “go”. We harnessed up and wandered around stopping to chat to whoever was out and about. 

I put the dogs back in The Caboose and then changed into my bathing shorts as I had received a phone call ordering me to report to the swimming pool asap. The shorts are really soccer shorts that have outlived their usefulness as regards soccer and are now my swim trunks. That and my loafers and grabbing my towel, I wandered down to the swimming pool. 

The usual crowd was there, and it was a bit strange to see them all in swimming attire. There was Malinda, BJ, Peggy and Delores although BJ was not in the water. On the men’s side was Daniel, Gary and me with another gentleman who we did not know also using the pool. 

Malinda and Gary were both pretty good in the water but the rest of us sort of splashed around and talked a lot. That for me was the first time that I had been in a pool in years or come to that, in any water to talk of. I used to be a fairly decent swimmer but alas, my swimming skills are sadly lacking and the best I could do was to dog paddle for a few yards before going under.

In my excuse, over the years my ear problems have kept me out of the water as the two do not mix. Any amount of water in my ears would result in the ears both discharging and aching while they did it and it was just not worth it to go swimming. 

Gary was able to submerge and stay under for at least a minute or more and Malinda showed several floating skills. I eventually got out, dried off and bid my farewell as I walked back to The Caboose and to my two little dogs.

I changed into dry clothes and then harnessed up so we could go walking. We wandered around and then sat outside listening to the Audiobook, again. Eventually, it was time to go indoors, and I brought in the bird feeders once more. The day ended in the usual way with food and television although I did manage to get to bed by 11:30. 

Written 08/04/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Saturday 08/05/2023

Broad daylight and eating the bird seed.

I managed to both wake up and get up at a reasonable hour, beating the alarm clock by a couple of minutes. We immediately harnessed up and went out for that first walk, after rehanging the bird feeders.

We did our first loop which is around the Break Room and past the dumpster for the usual disposing of our one small bag of litter. Then it was back to the Break Room to sit and chat as we usually do as we drank coffee.

There were the same people there, Daniel, Malinda, Gary and me along with three of Malinda’s Grand Kids who were all under ten years old.

The little girl was the oldest and she talked up a storm and was very interesting to listen to. She had magic thumbs as they sped across the keyboard as she worked on her little tablet chattering the whole time. I was in awe just listening and watching. 

Malinda cooked breakfast for her group and came out with a Taco for me to work on. I thanked her for her kindness and went about eating it. 

Eventually, we broke up and we continued our walk about. We hit the outside road, but I could see that Sandy was not into walking in that direction. We did an about turn which satisfied her and headed back to the park this time walking down the hill and coming back in the bottom entrance. Sandy was happy enough with this arrangement and trucked along leading the way as she usually does. 

Back in The Caboose, I sat outside for a while and then decided to flush out the black water tank. This consists of hooking a garden hose up to a faucet and the hose valve on the tank lines and backflushing for two and a half minutes. This washes out the tanks and must be done periodically or the toilet will let out a cloud of terrible smelling gas when it is flushed.

It is not a big job, but it is important. The secret is in the timing of how much water to introduce through the hose. Two to two and half minutes will allow sufficient water to clean the tank. Any longer and the toilet bowl will overflow with not very clean water all over the RV floor. Yuk. 

With the flushing done for a couple of weeks, I coiled up the hose although it will be needed shortly to water the plants as I try to keep them alive. We badly need rain and lots of it. 

I hooked up the dogs and we went out for a walk. Peggy and BJ were both sitting outside so we wandered over to chat with them. Then Gary joined us, and we sat and talked for a bit more before we went on our way again.  

Our other friends, Sharon and Larry, were sitting outside along with their dog, and we just had to stop and say hello. Sandy likes to stop anyway as she gets treats.

We moved on and made the loop back to the RV. I decided to go into town to Home Depot to see if they had an outdoor chair that would work for me. I wanted one with a wicker back and seat to try to allow air to circulate around my body when I sit in it. The deck chairs that I currently have both soak me with sweat when I use them.  

I made the trip and found exactly what I was looking for and made my way back home. The chair sits next to Mikeys outdoor chair as he likes to be on my level. Sandy not so much as she hides indoors in the A/C. most of the time. It was way too hot to use the chair, so I headed back indoors and worked on the blog in the A/C.

I worked for a while and when I looked up, there were two deer happily feeding away on the bird seed. I took a couple of pictures and frightened them away and sat back down. 10 minutes later, they were back, and I had to drive them off again. Determined little buggers although these two are both full grown and not so little.

The birds need to stick up for themselves and at least peck the deer on the nose a few times. That would stop them. It will always be an ongoing battle with the deer. I bring the feeders in at night, or they will be empty in the morning. The deer are bold enough to chance it during the day if there is no one around.

Maybe I need to rig up a pulley system in the trees to raise the feeders up high enough to be out of their reach…Something else to work on. 

Several of us gathered at Daniels RV to chat and drink beer while he was busy cooking hamburgers and other things ready for us to eat. As soon as the food was done, we all traipsed over to the Break Room to eat it.

Besides the adults, Daniel and Malinda’s three Grandkids were also a part of the party. We sat and ate hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the fixing’s and chatted amongst ourselves until I decided that I really needed to walk the dogs.

Saying goodbye to the group, I wandered back over to The Caboose and harnessed up the dogs and we wandered around the park and managed to cover 2.2 miles for the day. 

Written 08/05/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com