I had reset the alarm to wake me at 6:45 am which it did, and lay there a couple of minutes before crawling out to face the day. The idea was to walk when it was cooler, at least for the first walk of the day. Not much I can do about the other walks as the hottest part of the day here in Texas is around 6:00 pm 

I harnessed up the dogs and then tied them up outside so they could at least watch as I worked on the bird feeders, making sure there was enough seed in each one before we went out walking. 

We wandered around and as we usually do, ended up in the Breakroom to drink coffee and to sit with the same crowd including the Grandkids, although different ones this time. We followed this with another walkabout not going very far as we ended up at “the girls” RV where we sat and chatted for a bit.

Then we continued walking and this time, we took the outside road leading from one entrance to the other. I thought that we might walk down the hill, but Miss Sandy had other ideas and turned back into the park and back to the RV. 

I settled down in front of the computer and the dogs found their hidey holes and went to sleep. I wrote for a while playing the usual catchup with a lot of head scratching as I tried to remember what we did yesterday. 

With the blog caught up, I remembered that I had an invitation to lunch over at the Commons and at noon time, made my way over only to discover that the time had been changed. I spent time talking to Daniel as he fussed with his new jet skis and then walked back to the RV.

Thirty minutes later, I received a call to head back over to the Commons where a lot of people had congregated. We sat down to a lunch of Hamburgers with all the fixings. I ate one followed by some fruit and was stuffed. I had to keep saying no as I was practically ordered to “eat more”. I finally convinced my tormentors that I was full up and after a while, the party broke up and several of us headed down to the pool.

There is an an old English saying that you should never go swimming on a full stomach in the belief that it would cause cramp. Still, some of my friends, including me, full stomach and all, headed for the Pool to test that theory.

I stopped at the RV first to change into my swim trunks before grabbing my towel and heading off. I messed around in the water working on my nonexistent swimming skills before finally calling it a day and heading back to The Caboose.

I dried off and put on fresh clean clothes and then sat down to work on the blog. The outside temperature was reading 103 degrees… With the blog finished and posted for the day, I looked around for other things to do.

There was a nice breeze blowing outside so I opened the sliding door and put my new chair in the middle of the doorway. Armed with a beer and my little speaker unit, I sat in the doorway catching the cool air as it escaped through the open door. 

I sat and listened to an Audiobook for an hour or so before deciding I should bring in the bird feeders. That is usually the last outside act of the day and signaled that it was time to head indoors for the evening. 

I watched the US Women’s team lose to Sweden on penalty kicks which was a bit of a shock upset. In truth, the US team had not been playing well and squeaked through their earlier games. Many of the players on the team had come under criticism for their political views which they brought onto the soccer field by not singing the National Anthem or holding their hands over their hearts during the pre game. Consequently, there was a lot of bad feeling and many suggested it was a good thing they had lost. 

Written 08/06/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com