The alarm went off and I lay there long enough for the A/C to shut off, so it did not freeze me as I showered. Then it was the usual, harness up, out the door, and tie up while I took care of the bird feeders.

We started to wander around carrying our usual bag of trash and we did our normal circuit around the Clubhouse before sitting down with Gary who is usually the first one there. He made me coffee and we sat and chatted before Daniel and then Malinda joined us.

She did not stay very long as she was already working on her phone. Chris also stopped by and Peggy strolled up and fixed hers and BJ a coffee and then disappeared back to her RV. I guess they had a rough night with a bottle, last evening. 

Daniel got up to go to work and I took that as a cue to continue walking the dogs. We wandered around and walked most of the way down the hill before turning back to the RV and managed to cover 1.1 miles. 

Back at the RV, I fixed breakfast and this time, drank orange juice as I already had coffee. I am not that much of a coffee lover to require two cups in a morning.  I was keeping one eye on the door as Sandy had a haircut scheduled for today.

We are very fortunate that we have Bethany, a resident doggy hairdresser here in the campground who picks the dogs up and then brings them back after they are all cleaned up.  Mikey started barking as she walked up the stairs onto the deck and I gave her Sandy all dirty, disheveled and desperately in need of a bath.

We chatted for a couple of minutes as she mentioned she would like a deck like mine, and I suggested that she talk to Daniel. 

Somewhat reluctantly, Sandy went with Beth, and they drove off and Mikey and I went back indoors to work on the blog. We wrote for a while and pretty much caught up.

I found other things to get up to like putting in a load of laundry and making the bed and fun things like that. I happened to look out of the window and my two friendly deer were there brazenly walking up to the bird feeder. I grabbed the phone to take yet another picture of them as I opened the door, and they sprang away.

I really do need to consider hanging the feeders in the trees higher off the ground and out of their reach. BTW, that is three days in a row they have come searching for food. I don’t know if their natural food is in short supply because of the heat and lack of rain or because the seed in the feeders is easy pickens and tastes good but they certainly are attracted to it. 

About midafternoon, Mikey jumped up and rushed to the door and Bethany was standing there with Sandy all clean and looking sharp. Sandy was very pleased to see Mikey and even had time to make a fuss of me. I chatted to Beth for a while and paid her and she went on her way with my thanks. 

We went back indoors as it was bloody hot outside with the temperature hovering around the 103 degree mark and I went back to work on the blog. With this caught up for the day, I was at a bit of a loss figuring out what else to do as It is just so hot and uncomfortable outdoors not only for me but also for the dogs. 

We sat around doing a lot of nothing except to listen to an Audiobook and I think I dozed off as the next thing I remember is waking up with a start and looking at the clock. Not sure why the time mattered as we had no plans.

The rest of the group, especially those with Grandkids have been spending time at the pool but it holds no real attraction for me although the kids are amusing. 

We harnessed up and went out walking and managed to cover 1.7 miles for the day. Not bad for the weather being as hot as it is. When we got back, we sat on the deck in the doorway to the RV so we could be in the cool air as it escaped listening to an Audiobook and drinking a beer until it began to get dark. 

That was the cue to bring in the bird feeders and shut up shop for the evening. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Tuesday 08/08/2023

The alarm clock woke me up and when I looked at it after turning it off, it said 6:40 am. I stared at it in disgust and wondered why it was not set for 7:00 am, rolled over and promptly went back to sleep. I awoke at 7:15 and this time crawled out of bed.

Cold water on my face and in my eyes woke me up and I dressed ready to face another day, not that we have anything planned. We harnessed up and I hitched the dogs to the table so they could “help” bring out the bird feeders and then we grabbed our small bag of garbage and headed to the dumpster. 

We followed our usual morning pattern of walking around the Breakroom before ending up with the “Gang” or at least, those that were present. This morning it was Gary, Malinda, Daniel, Remington and myself. Incidentally, Malinda was already working on her phone.

We chatted and drank coffee as we usually do before each going our separate ways.  In our case, we started walking around and headed out on the Loop that leads to Hwy 290 although Sandy seemed reluctant to walk very far.

Maybe the heat was already getting to her as she is not as well insulated after her haircut. Anyway, we turned back, and instead, she led us down the hill and then back through the park to the RV. I guess she just did not want to walk on Henly Loop for whatever reason. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast for the dogs and wonders never ceased as both ate what I put in front of them. In Sandy’s case, she licked the bowl clean, so she got all this morning’s pill. That, by itself, is a good start to the day. 

I fixed my own breakfast although I am having trouble finding appealing things to eat. Today I settled on two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter and the other with Marmalade. The coffee tasted good though! 

I had already read the world news and several different write ups of Team USA loss to Sweden. It was interesting that some of the writers supported the team 100 percent regardless of how they had behaved during the playing of the National Anthem.

Others lambasted them for those same antics, calling them unpatriotic and worse.  For my part, I must agree that the team’s behavior both during the pregame and National Anthem left a lot to be desired especially after watching other players on other teams in earlier games singing their National Anthems with great gusto and enthusiasm with their eyes closed and obviously very grateful to represent their countries.

You could almost feel their pride. In truth, almost the entire rest of the World has caught up with the USA in terms of skill and coaching and there is no longer that gap. This is good for the game and Team USA will now have to work even harder. 

After working on the blog, I had a couple of household chores. I emptied the washer and put the clothes on the bed ready for folding although I put that off to do it later. As all I wear are shorts and Tee shirts, a few wrinkles do not matter. 

I watched as the pair of deer walked up to the feeders and started to eat which was my cue to get up and clap my hands. They bounded off but they did not leave the park. Probably waiting for another opportunity to attack… 

I finished working on the blog and posted the latest edition. I thought about watching another soccer game but decided against it and opted to go out walking instead. We managed to cover 1.2 miles for the day, which was not bad considering that after the morning walk, any walking after that is done in 100 plus degree heat.

When we got back, I sat and listened to an Audiobook sitting in the open doorway on The Caboose which allowed the cooled air to blow past me. That is the only way it is tolerable with the 100 plus degree heat.

I have tried bringing out the big fans that I have but they only blow hot air around. We stayed outside listening to an Audiobook and drinking a nice cool beer, well OK, maybe more than one and then I brought in the bird feeders one more time.

With this done, it was the signal to close the door on the world and go back inside the RV for the evening meal. 

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