I got up as soon as the alarm went off at 7:00 am and jumped in the shower which finished waking me up. Dressed and ready to face the day, I harnessed up the dogs and then, as I usually do, brought out the feeders.

With this done, I grabbed the small bag of garbage and we headed for the dumpster. I let the dogs lead as much as I can when we are out walking and help them with the occasional tug on the leash to get them go in the right direction. After all, for them, it is not the distance we cover but the number of smells they find plus they are supposed to do their business, which they usually do on the first walk. 

As usual, we ended up along with Malinda, Daniel and Gary drinking coffee outside of the Break Room. We chatted for 30 minutes or so and then I got up to go walking while it was cool. For once, it was overcast so it had not yet warmed up.

We wandered around the campground and then hit the outside road walking towards Hwy 290 only this time, the opposite end to what we normally use. Again, our walks are all governed by the amount of shade although today it did not matter as we had that cloud cover. Altogether, we covered 1.5 miles on the morning walk. 

Back inside the RV, I fixed breakfast and fed the dogs and puttered around on a couple of household chores before settling down in front of the computer to read the World news. I was especially interested in what other people had to say about the USA Women’s team’s loss. I read a lot of the comments, some good but most of them bad because of the players’ actions during the singing of the National Anthem. The soccer powers that be, have a problem that they need to get sorted out before these players get to represent their country again or maybe they should not. 

I continued to write and then posted the latest blog on the website. It seems that around mid to late afternoon is when I run out of things to do. That is usually when I sit and listen to an Audiobook, preferably outside on the deck. A lot of that is governed by how much shade there is although I do have the overhead awning that I usually never let out all the way. If it gets too windy, I bring it in. 

Daniel stopped by and he had brought a roll of heavy string with him, and we messed around hanging one of the bird feeders in a tree. We only worked on one of them as an experiment and with a bit of refinement, I think I can make it work. I just need to get them higher up out of the Deers reach and then I will not have to bring them in each evening. 

We went out for another walk around the campground and out onto the outside roads. We stop and talk to many of the people that we meet or who are outside their RV’s.

Back at The Caboose, we sat outside on the deck half in and half out of the doorway cooled by the escaping A/C air. I figure it is a small price to pay for my comfort.

We listened to an Audiobook, and we are nearly at the end of that story. Daniel had already invited me over to the commons to eat at 6:15 and I was keeping an eye on the time so as not to be late. The food was delicious as it usually was, and I was stuffed when I finally left the party to bring in the bird feeders.

With that done, we went inside for the rest of the evening. 

Written 08/09/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com