I fully intended to get up when the alarm went off but somehow, could not resist the temptation of rolling over and going back to sleep. It was almost 8:00 am when I crawled out which meant that I had missed the usual morning gathering.

I am sure though that they did not miss me as my contributions to the conversation never amounted to very much. So instead, after we harnessed up and as I usually did, I tied the dogs up so that I could bring out the feeders. Then we went out walking.

We wandered around the campground and then headed down one of the dead-end roads that leads away from the campground. Early in the morning, it has a good amount of shade cover and hardly any traffic, making it fairly comfortable to walk.

We managed to cover 1.3 miles, which is a good start to the day. It always surprises me just how much walking is needed to cover a mile. Quite obviously, I am not a good judge of distance. 

Back at the RV, I messed around outside watering the plants and such and played around with the new bird hanger that Daniel started. It was empty so I refilled it.  I was planning a couple of refinements to make it more practical to use but I need some parts which means a trip to The Home Depot. 

I was sitting and writing and when I looked up, there were two deer working on the feeders. They are probably the same ones but there is no way of telling as one deer very much looks like the next one. I opened the door, which was enough to frighten them away, but I hollered at them for good measure. 

They were very reluctant to move very far away, and they both surveyed me for a good ten minutes from about 50 yards off. Eventually, they moved away, and you could almost see the look of disappointment on their faces. The last thing I need is to feel guilty about not feeding them… 

I continued to write with one eye on the feeders, just in case the deer decide to try again although, they are probably waiting for me to go into town which was the next thing on the agenda.  

I grabbed my list as without one, I tend to buy all the wrong things and forget the important ones and hopped in the car. My first stop was at Home Depot as I wanted to find parts to rehang the bird feeders in the tree high enough so that the deer cannot reach them. At the same time, I need to devise a way to lower them when they need refilling.  I found the section with the parts that I needed and picked out what I hope will be the right ones. 

My next stop was at HEB where I wandered around sticking pretty much with my list of groceries. I bought beer for Daniel as it is my contribution to all the food and such that I get invited to share with the group.  I got back and put the groceries away and remembered that a bunch of us were going to eat out to celebrate Terri’s birthday.

Gary stopped by to pick me up and we drove away from Dripping to a restaurant named The Boil Shack which specialized in seafood. It was a very interesting place. I ordered fried halibut over rice which was delicious.

It was a lot of food, and I was the last one to finish eating. I really would have been satisfied with half the amount that I was served but I managed to chow it all down. It was a fun evening. 

When we got back, I harnessed up my little buddies and we went out walking around the park. It was a little bit cooler as the sun was going down fast. Altogether for the day, we covered 3.6 miles, a very good day indeed. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way except of course, I had no need to feed myself. 

Written 08/10/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com