I turned the alarm off and dropped straight back off to sleep and then, did not wake up until 8:30 am. I jumped into the shower to try to clear the cobwebs and then we went out to work on the bird feeders.

The two large ones that I now have hanging in the trees way up out of the deer’s reach, were both empty and needed refilling. I took care of that as it is a little more complicated now with them hanging up high. I played around with the other smaller feeders rehooking them up to the pole.

I noticed that one of the two seed cake holders was empty and laying on the ground so the deer must have figured out that they are good to eat. I will bring them inside at night with the others in the future. 

While I was out there and feeling all energetic, I watered the plants both in the garden and on the steps. Even though the deer have done a number on a couple of them, I noticed new green shoots growing so there is still hope. If the deer stays away, that is. 

We went out walking and managed to cover a mile for the morning. Because I was late getting up, it had already warmed up when we were wandering around.

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast for us all and this time, as I had been too late for the early morning get together, fixed myself coffee.   Suitably refreshed and ready to face the day, I settled down and read emails and the world news.

There was not a single email that presented any problems or needed any action on my part, and the world news was just the same as yesterday and quickly skimmed over. I took care of the blog keeping it up to date before looking around for other things to get up to. 

Not finding anything that needed my attention, I turned the TV on and watched an English Premier League game, well actually two games as the new season has just started. This took the entire afternoon and by then, it was time to go out walking again. 

We wandered around as we usually do but it was so hot out that we did not stay out for very long but still managed to cover 1.9 miles. Back in the RV, we spent time listening to an Audiobook before bringing in the bird feeders and shutting up shop for another day. 
Written 08/14/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com