I set the alarm and it went off at 6:45 am leaving me plenty of time to do things before driving into the Ear Doctor’s Office in Austin. The first thing was to bring out the bird feeders and then to take the first walk of the day. 

After dropping off the small bag of trash, I stopped by the Break Room to drink coffee with Daniel. Later, Malinda joined us, and we chatted for a while. I got up and left to get ready for the drive into Austin and fed the dogs before leaving. 

The drive-in was uneventful and there was not a lot of traffic. I made my way to the Ears, Nose and Throat Office and chatted to all and sundry as I awaited my turn.  I did not have to wait long before I was sitting in Lisa, the Technicians’ office, and we went over how the new hearing aids were working out. She explained some things to me, and we were all through. 

I had decided that I needed a new straw hat as the one I have is getting a bit beaten up and drove back towards South Austin to Whole Earth Provision Company. First, I looked at the hats and had to go through nearly all of them to find a small size. I eventually found one I liked, and it fitted my small head. Can’t think why people think I have a big head…

My next stop was to the shoe section where after several attempts, I found a pair of hard soled shoes in my size. I kept them on and put the originals back in the box to carry home. I took my goodies to the counter to pay and managed to spend $202.00 between the two. Still, I needed both things.

Driving home, I took a wrong turn and drove all over South Austin before eventually having to resort to the map finder on my phone to get me back to the where I wanted to go. Still, I got to see some of Austin that I had never seen before. 

When I was finally back into territory that I recognized which happened to be a Starbucks, I bought a Latte and some sort of Breakfast sandwich and drove the back way home to Dripping Springs. Incidentally, before very long, the sandwich had gone out of the window to feed the birds as it did not taste very good. The coffee was fine though.

Back at the RV, I hitched up the dogs and we went out for a short walk. By then, the temperature was hovering around the 100 degree mark and we did not stay out very long. 

I worked on the blog bringing it up to date which included today. With it getting so hot in afternoons with the temperature usually peaking out at around 4:00 pm, both of the dogs and myself have a great reluctance to go outside at that time and only the necessity of potty breaks forces us out at all. Potty breaks for the dogs, not for me… Maybe I could teach the dogs how to use the indoor toilet…

We sat around indoors, and I nodded off to sleep on the couch with a very contented dog on either side of me. I must have been tired as I napped for a couple of hours before deciding that it had cooled off enough to take that walk. Consequently, the step count was way down, and we did not even cover a mile for the day but at least we did not cook or get sunburnt… 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with me in seventh heaven now that the English Premier League games are back. 

Written 08/17/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Friday 08/18/2023

I awoke late because I had turned the alarm off as it is of no use if all I do is roll over and go back to sleep anyway. It’s not like I have anything important going on today as was the case the past three days. In fact, I have absolutely nothing planned for today which is just as well. I do not feel 100% as I have a bit of a sore throat. 

We followed our usual procedures which we do every morning harnessing up the dogs and tieing them up to the outside table while I fill and then hang the bird feeders. Today, I hung the two big feeders even higher than before as I had a word from Malinda that she had seen the deer standing on their back legs to reach them. Gotta hand it to the deer for trying. 

We went out walking and it had already warmed up with high humidity making it very uncomfortable for all of us. Sandy sat down in the shade, and it took a while to coax her into walking again. I took that to mean that she did not want to go far, and we only wandered up the outside road leading to Hwy 290. 

Back inside The Caboose, I made us breakfast and coffee for me. Today was one of the better days as Sandy ate her breakfast and licked her bowl clean meaning that she took all of her medication. I ate my breakfast and started work on the blog. 

The deer were after the feeders again and I stood up and shoo ’ed them away and they bounded off. I made the mistake of sitting on the couch as immediately, there was a dog on either side of me. The next thing I must have dozed off as I did not wake up for a couple of hours. Apparently, that was not long enough as I dozed back off again not waking up until it was time for the afternoon walk.

This time, I dragged myself off the couch and harnessed up the dogs and I staggered around outside gradually waking up as we walked along. Maybe that should read me or I as the dogs were fine and wide awake.

I have no idea why I slept at all as it is very unusual for me to do that. We wandered around with me coming more and more awake as we walked.

I had an invitation to eat at Malinda’s and Daniels RV that evening and I headed over there when we got back. The usual crew was there, and we ate and drank and had a lot of fun. 

I walked back to the RV, and we went out for a quick walk before retiring for the evening to watch another Premier League game. 

Written 08/19/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com