Notice the deer close to the fence

I very reluctantly got out of bed to face another hot day. Having day after day of 100 plus degree weather without any break is very tiring and I certainly have very little inclination to do anything outside other than the absolute necessities like feeding the birds and emptying the tanks and of course, walking the dogs. 

Saying that, we went through the usual morning routine of hanging bird feeders and then walking although we did not walk very far. We took the outside lane leading up to Hwy 290 and got very lucky as there was a herd of deer plus the pair of Zebras close enough to take pictures. We have not seen this herd in a while. 

We wandered up the lane, but Sandy was not into walking in the heat, and we did an about face and walked back to The Caboose. We must be careful with her because of her heart condition not to mention getting her to take her medication. 

Back at the RV I emptied the tanks which is not a big chore but one that needs doing periodically and then we went back inside for breakfast. Today was a good day as Sandy ate her food and licked the bowl clean which meant that she had taken her pill for the morning. 

I have no idea where today has gone as when I looked at the clock it showed it to be 4:00 pm. Funny how some days just fly by, and others drag along. It is all the same time after all.

I glanced at the Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer that sits on my desk and it reads 103 degrees. This is the hottest part of the day here in Dripping Springs, Texas. 

I had a few indoor chores which I took care of, all just normal routine stuff and then looked around for something else to do. At least I feel better than yesterday as I have not fallen asleep yet. I just glanced at the clock again and now it says it is 5:40 pm. Time is just flying by.

The temperature peaked out at 103 degrees and is now dropping and has already reached 100 degrees. It should cool down by midnight… Around 7:00 pm, I harnessed up the dogs again for the final walk of the day.

It had cooled down a bit to around 99 degrees. Our walks generally consist of rushing from one shady area to the next and dawdling when we reach them and at this late hour, the shadows are much longer. 

We sat outside for an hour listening to an Audiobook and drinking a beer, OK 2 beers, until it started to get dark. That was the signal to bring in the feeders for the night and for us to adjourn inside to watch the Premier League. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Sunday 08/20/2023

You can just pick out the deer silhouetted against the back ground.

I heard the alarm go off and quickly turned it off with absolutely no intention of crawling out of bed. In 10 seconds, I was asleep again. I finally got up around 8:30 am and after the usual morning ablutions, we went outside to go walking.

The first thing though, was to bring out the bird feeders, three that are seed holders and two for seed cakes all hung on the same pole. Yesterday, I refilled the Hummingbird feeders but when I looked at them today, both were covered in tiny ants. The water holders on the top that are designed to keep the ants away, dried up overnight with the excessive heat. 

We went out for that first walk but it had already warmed up and neither dog was very interested in walking. We wandered around for a bit dawdling between shady areas and from the point of view of bowel movement, both dogs outshone themselves with a score of two each. That has never happened before so a first for everything. As that is the main purpose of the walk with exercise a distant second, the walk was a major success. 

I fixed breakfast for the dogs and Mikey gobbled his down. Sandy picked out the “good stuff” and left most of it which meant that yet again, she is not getting her medication. She is supposed to take two large pills a day and I am lucky if I can get one crumbled up into her. I have yet to find that magic, irresistible something that she likes and that will disguise the pill and I have tried everything. 

I sat and read the World news and noted that England Women lost to Spain in the World Cup final. Guess I will watch it this evening. I now have a choice with the English Premier League going on although today’s game was the last one in this World Cup with the next one four years away. Wonder if I will still be around to watch it or better yet, understand it? 

I wrote for as much as I could for the day and now must wait for things, anything to develop. I hope that the day goes a bit slower than yesterday as I had no idea where that time went. 

I sat and listened to an Audiobook indoors as it was way too hot to sit outside, and the afternoon slowly passed. I made good use of the time though as I put in a load of laundry which did its thing in the background. I did not bother to empty the laundry machine and fold the laundry and will do that tomorrow. No one cares if my tee shirt has a few wrinkles. 

We went out for the final walk of the day. It was still bloody hot with the temperature hovering around 100 degrees and that was at 6:00 pm in the evening. We definitely did not look for distance, just exercise. When we got back, I sat in the RV’s open doorway and listened to an Audiobook. At least, there was some cool air as the A/C escaped but what the hey, that is what the units are for, to produce more of the cold stuff.

It started to get dark and that was my cue to bring in the bird feeders and shut up shop for the evening, The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, feed the dogs, feed me and watch TV. 

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