One of the Zebras is in the open and the other is in the trees to the right

I slept very well, including after the alarm went off. I gotta adjust it so it does not ring as I never get out of bed. For some reason, I feel more tired after a good night’s sleep at least, that is what I tell myself as I roll over and close my eyes. 

I finally got out around 8:30 am and took a shower before dressing in summertime clothes. For me that is a tee shirt and shorts. I also wear undershorts and socks and it all adds up to less laundry but unfortunately, it does nothing to alleviate the heat of the sun.

The new straw hat that I bought does a good job of keeping the top of my head cool although it cannot do anything about the sweat that is streaming down my face and soaking my clothes. It is definitely not comfortable being outdoors during the current heat wave.

So far, it has 43 consecutive 100 degree days and no end in sight and to be truthful, I cannot tolerate it as I did when I was a younger man hence the reason I stay in as much as I do. There has to be a really good reason to venture outdoors, like walking dogs although, they are not very enthusiastic like when it is cooler. 

I fixed breakfast and coffee and again, that little stinker Sandy, did not finish her breakfast and and so, did not take her medication. Little rat… I turned my attention to the World news and wondered why this country is in such a mess. It seems that good manners no longer apply, and it is OK to badmouth your opponent to prove a point. I hate all politicians regardless of their party.

Disgusted at the whole bloody mess, I turned to writing the blog, something that is just a journal of daily events over which I have had very little control. Sure, I make decisions all of the time. Things like, should I do this or this, go here or there or buy this over that but none of them are earth shattering and the end of the world will not happen because of something I did or did not do. 

I watched a new camper pull in and for some reason, had come in the wrong way and then had to circle around to make the correction. Luckily, there is plenty of room to perform these maneuvers. That constituted the entire excitement for the day so far. 

With the blog up to date, I turned my attention to posting the latest offering. I got a text from Daniel wanting to know if I was up for coffee, which of course, I was. I met Gary as I came out of my RV and we both walked to the breakroom where Daniel had a coffee for each of us.

We spent an hour chatting and I got to hear some interesting and sometimes funny stories from the pair of them.  Gary and I made our way back to our RV’s and Daniel said he had to clean the bathrooms. At least, he was indoors and not out in the sun in the 102-degree heat. 

Back in the RV, I completed the blog to bring it up to date. I’ll bet I could write the rest of today and then when I looked at it tomorrow, it would be exactly what we did. Things do not change very much unless I have a doctor’s appointment or go shopping. 

Sandy was giving me “the look” so we harnessed up and wandered around dodging from shade to shade and trying hard to stay out of the sun. We did not go very far and managed to cover 1.2 miles for the day, which is pretty good all things considered. 

I sat with the sliding door open with a cold beer and listened to an Audiobook with the escaping A/C circulating around me to keep me cool. We stayed there until it started to get dark, and we went through the usual “shut up shop for the evening” things like the bird feeders and such and then adjourned back indoors for food and entertainment. 

Incidentally, I watched Brighton and Hove Albion with their game and Solly March, my great, great grandson scored 2 goals. Way to go, Solly.

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