This is the lone Zebra and hangs out with the donkeys and deer.

I went to bed an hour earlier than I normally do last evening but I still laid around instead of getting up. I do not know why as I slept very well. A lot of it is mental as I have nothing planned for today so why get up? Especially as it is so warm and snuggly in bed with the A/C blasting away.

I eventually rolled out somewhat reluctantly around 8:30 am. As one of my workmates, a guy by the name of Ernie Baker who I first started work with all of those years ago would say, “Follow the three “S” rule and you’re ready to go”. In his case, the three S’s were “sh**t, shave and shampoo”. He was a funny guy. Unfortunately, he contracted Tuberculosis and died at a comparatively young age and as I had worked with him for almost three years, my sister with whom I was living, kept a very close eye on me, “just in case”.

After bringing out the bird feeders, we went out walking and just wandered around not going very far. It was already warming up although today is supposed to be a few degrees cooler with some cloud cover. About bloody time… 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and today was a good day as Sandy ate her food and her medicine. I sat working on the blog trying hard to stay up to date. There is not a lot to write about as nothing much happens in my life anymore. That’s a good thing and the way I like it. 

I noticed it growing darker and could see the clouds building in the sky. Gary walked by and pointed at the clouds on the darkening horizon and mentioned something about rain.

I brought in the awning just in time as the wind started to blow and it began to rain pretty hard. It only lasted for ten minutes, and the clouds passed through and that was that. Still, any rain is better than no rain. 

We went out walking while it was still a bit cooler and just wandered around the park. When we got back, I sat in my usual place half in and half out of the sliding door in line with the A/C as it escaped which kept me cool. By then, the sun was out and blazing down again only this time, with higher humidity. 

We sat listening to an Audiobook for a couple of hours and as the afternoon progressed, I watched as Gary, Malinda and a couple of others made a steady stream as they walked between Daniels RV and the Breakroom.

I remembered that Daniel, had been fishing the day before down on the Gulf and that he was having a Fish Fry for all of his friends which included me. I joined everyone in the Breakroom and for a while, was the only man surrounded by six ladies thinking how lucky I was. Well, maybe twenty years ago it might have been lucky but nowadays all I worry about is having good friends and drinking a beer with them.

Then the men showed up all carrying different containers of fried fish that Daniel had been cooking over at his RV. Altogether, there were twelve of us sitting in the Breakroom enjoying fresh fish with all of the fixing’s and drinking beer. 

The fish was delicious, and the company was very good, and we had a very pleasant evening. Eventually, the party broke up as we each headed back to our own individual RV’s. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way watching an English Premier game only this time, on a very full stomach.

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