The day started the same as most other days with me rolling over instead of getting up early. Still, as we had nothing planned for the day, it did not matter too much. Eventually, I rolled out and prepared to face the day glad just to be alive and feeling good. 

As we do every morning, it was harness the dogs and then bring out the bird feeders followed by a walk wherever Miss Sandy decided we should go. I keep us on a general direction, and she drags here there and everywhere else.

We spotted the heifers and again, there were only three of them. As far as I could tell, there is no calf that I swear I saw the other day.

It was a bit cooler because of yesterday’s rain shower but not much as we wandered around and we eventually arrived back at The Caboose. As usual, I fixed breakfast and today, Sandy would not eat hers meaning she was not getting her pill which is a bit of a worry.

My own, which was a couple slices of toast, was not very satisfying but the coffee was good. I settled down in front of the computer and after reading the usual dull World news, caught up on the blog. I tossed in a load of laundry to do its thing as I did other things. Love washing machines, toss in clothes, add detergent and press “go”. Now, if I could teach the dogs to fold the clothes and put them away, I would have it made.

Thinking about it, dogs are useless when it comes to household chores as I can’t think of a single thing, they do in the way of house cleaning and such. They are good at barking so maybe their role is as watchdogs…All of the love and attention that I get from them more than makes up for their not being very good at helping. 

I was listening to an Audiobook and sitting in the open doorway and noticed a lot of activity going on with Gary, Malinda and a couple of others walking backwards and forwards carrying food to the Breakroom. Then I got the call, “Be there or be square, breakroom, now…” and wandered over to join my friends.

For a while, I was the only man alone with five women and wondered if I should be concerned but finally, the guys all came in together and I breathed a sigh of relief. We sat and ate two different types of sausages along with other meat and all of the fixings.

I carefully nursed my plate of food and watched as most of the others went back for seconds and thirds. The one plate I had was all I could manage as I just do not have the room for it in my stomach. We sat and ate and chattered for a couple of hours before the party broke up.

I walked back to the RV and harnessed up the dogs as I needed to walk off some of the food I had consumed. The dogs did not care why we were walking, just glad to be doing it. It was late enough to bring in the bird feeders and shut up shop outdoors as we adjourned indoors for the rest of the evening spent watching a Premier League match. 

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