This deer is watching me and waiting for me to leave so it can eat my flowers

I had a very good night’s sleep and awoke refreshed and almost ready to go. Still, I did not jump straight out of bed but just lay there enjoying the warmth as I waited for the A/C to shut off. It gives off a lot of cold air which is very noticeable after the warm bed hence waiting for it to shut down. 

I took a quick shower and marveled at the bald head of the stranger looking back at me in the mirror and vowed to make sure that I had my hat with me most of the time. Amazing the difference hair makes even if it is thinning. Oh well…I have had a couple of complements on the short haircut but whether in jest or to make me feel better, I will never know. 

We went out walking around the park, but it was already starting to warm up. I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible but there is not very much early morning shade due to the angle of the sun and we only covered a half mile. 

Back in the RV, I brought out the bird feeders as per usual and checked the plants for deer damage. Unfortunately, Deer Off does not do a very good job and the plants showed visible signs of being desert or maybe even the main course.

When it starts to cool down, maybe I will replace some of the plants the deer eat for ones they don’t. No good doing it now as it is too hot, and the plants will die. 

I read the world news and then moved on to the blog. I finished and posted yesterday and looked around for other things to do. I had bought pork chops and chicken legs at the store and decided that I should cook them on my indoor grill.

That is the sum total of barbecuing that I do.  I am not an expert at barbecuing like Daniel or Malinda and my unit turns itself off when it believes the meat is cooked. Apart from loading it, I do not do anything to it. The hardest part is cleaning it, and usually the grills need to soak to get them clean.

Incidentally, the pork chops are for me and the chicken legs for the guys. I cut the meat off, and they do NOT get the bones to chew on. I read somewhere that chicken bones splinter too easily and are dangerous for dogs. 

I looked at the clock and it said 4.30 pm. I have no idea where the time goes. I also happened to notice that the date was August 25th. This month is almost over and there is nothing to show for it. Well except for a very short haircut maybe… 

I had received an invitation from Kerry to eat over at the Breakroom and to be there sharply at 5:30 pm. I wandered over at the proper time and the usual gang was there minus the girls. We had a great meal of tropical fish tacos and when I enquired what they were, Kerry told me they were pineapple, mango, slaw and salsa with fish on corn tortillas.

They tasted good and I had to resist everyone’s encouragement to “Eat more”. I just do not have the stomach capacity to eat a huge amount of any food.

We had ice cream for dessert, and someone handed me a huge helping of the stuff which I readily consumed even though it took a while, and I was the last one to finish. For some reason, I now have the reputation of being the ice cream lover… 

We collectively watched a movie on the large TV which was an oldie but goodie and pretty funny. When it ended, we all went back to our respective RV’s each to do whatever it is we do for our own entertainment. In my case, it was take the dogs for a short walk, bring in the bird feeders and then watch a Premier League game. In between all of that, I fed the dogs. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Saturday 08/26/2023

I slept very well and felt very rested when I awoke even though that was not very early. Still, we have absolutely nothing planned for the day except to stay as cool as possible.  

We went out for the morning walk and when we got back, I brought out the bird feeders. It was already hot and humid out and very uncomfortable. We hit the outside road that leads to Hwy 290 as it had some shade.  

I had noticed a couple of For Sale signs at the turn advertising some House Sale. It had not occurred to me that it was today and for the first time, we had to stop many times on our walk as cars zoomed by, many more than normal. 

Safely back inside the RV Park, I brought out the bird feeders as per usual and then we adjourned back inside to the A/C. It was already very hot and with the high humidity, it was very uncomfortable to be outside. 

I gave Sandy her medicine trying the method that we used yesterday which was to smoosh up the pill and mix it with ice cream. She still manages to ignore the larger parts which are very tiny, so she is not getting her full dose. Guess I need to grind it up even more into a powder. 

My own breakfast of a Burrito was OK but did not exactly set my taste buds on fire. Even the coffee was so, so. I suppose that with my advanced years, things like taste buds and such wear out or at least do not function as well as we age. 

I sat working on the computer and Mikey started to bark up a storm. I looked up and Peggy was standing at the top of the steps.  Only then did I remember that there was a luncheon at the Commons, and I was late. I quickly followed Peggy back over and grabbed a plate and loaded it with a taco and all the fixings. 

There was the usual crowd Malinda and Daniel, Kerry and Chris, the “Girls” and Gary. Later, Delores joined us. I had to put up with a few comments on my new hairdo, but they were all complementary. Maybe, I will keep it short from here on out. 

Following the food, some of the group left to go to the pool. I was asked but refused the invitation not being too much into water sports. Gary, Chris, Delores and I stayed behind and chatted for a while before the party broke up and we each went our separate ways. I walked back to The Caboose glad to be out of the heat as by then, the temperature was reading 105 degrees. 

According to the long-range weather forecast, we have one more day of 103-degree heat and then it will drop into the high 90’s for just a couple of days and then back into the 100’s. After that, with any luck, it will hopefully keep on dropping to a somewhat and more normal temperature whatever the hell that it is. 

Quite honestly, I have no inclination or desire to do anything outside while it is this hot except stay in my air conditioned RV. A trip to the Supermarket is OK as there is only the distance from the car to the store and back to walk. 

The rest of the day was spent indoors in the cool listening to an Audiobook. As time progressed, we went out walking around the park and even at that late time, it was still 105 degrees. As it got dark, I took in the bird feeders after almost forgetting them. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way although this time, I did not have to feed myself. 

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